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Life is supposedly full of difficult choices, even concerning the smallest, most inconsequential decisions. Shall I have coffee, or tea? Should I buy an iPhone or an Android? Will France be better for my holiday next summer, or should I go to Italy instead? When you stop and think about it, it's a wonder humans manage to do anything without getting trapped in a logic loop entirely of their own making.

Of course, what we often do when we can't make up our minds, is seek the advice of friends or colleagues. The problem with this is that when you ask a group of people a question, inevitably there will be differences in opinion, then there will be bickering, then there will be shouting, and occasionally a small fight might even break out.

This is why I have avoided raising a question that has been playing on my mind for a while now with other people. It's the kind of question that could eventually drive deep and irreconcilable divisions between friends, it could destroy a loving relationship, it might even lead to a murder.

Well, whilst I don't want that on my conscience, I still can't make my mind up. I have my own opinion, but you'll be glad to hear I'm going to keep it to myself for once!

So I'm going to throw it over to you, the good people of DRIVETRIBE, here in the relative safety of the internet. The responsibility is now all yours, and what I want to know is...

Choose your winner in the poll and let me know why in the comments below!

Soon there'll be a new M3, so let's see which of it's elder brothers it needs to

live up to!

And as always, thanks for reading!

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  • Having owned some and driven all of the m3 variants im surprised by these results. The e36 m3 may not be the prettiest or fastest but its the best drivers car out of the bunch. Great balance and handling and light weight. the e46 is a close 2nd but due to the weight difference id still take an e36 m3 (eurospec)

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  • E46

    22 days ago
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