DriveTribe Exclusive Video – a chat with the designer of the Audi e-tron

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Just last week, Audi unveiled its first ever electric car in San Francisco to the world's media. Called the Audi e-tron, the all-electric SUV brings plenty of cutting-edge tech to the table and is the start of a pivotal shift in the company's priorities moving forward into this new age of electric.

DriveTribe managed to sneak into a secret studio before the car was revealed to chat to its Chief Exterior Designer, Stephan Fahr-Becker, about what makes the e-tron a new and innovative design, but keeping to a mantra that makes it unquestionably an Audi:

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  • It’s nothing special on the exterior a carbon copy of any other Audi on the road...insert electric motor here!

    2 months ago


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