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The 2019 season is officially over. The final race ended nearly two weeks ago, and the FIA have given out their awards - but this time, I have decided to let you choose the best drivers!

That's right, the DriveTribe F1 Awards of 2019 is here, and you can vote for which F1 drivers were the best of 2019 in each category through a series of polls. I will keep the post up for a few days before announcing the results. So let's take a look at the different categories:

Poll #1 - The driver of the season

Arguably the biggest category on this entire list, we are kicking off the votes with the driver of the year. Who do you think was the best performing driver in the 2019 F1 season? Could it be the newly-crowned 6-time world champion Lewis Hamilton? Or how about the Ferrari rookie that outperformed his teammate first time - Charles Leclerc? How about the impressive performances of Alex Albon and George Russell, or could it be the all new Valtteri Bottas?

Remember, click 'See more' to be able to see all 20 drivers on this year's F1 grid.

Poll #2 - Team of the Year

Now we are going to move onto the 'Team of the year' award! Which of the F1 teams do you think performed the best? Was it Mercedes with their 6th consecutive championship? How about McLaren, who have had an amazing comeback? Maybe you think Toro Rosso - they had 2 podiums this season! Take your pick...

Poll #3 - Rookie of the year

We have seen a couple of new faces this year in Formula One - but which of them have performed the best? You have the choice between Albon, Norris and Russell...Vote in the poll below!

Poll #4 - The best... 'best of the rest' team

While McLaren did take P4 in the 2019 Constructors standings and officially claiming their 'best of the rest' position; you may feel that another team deserved it. So, take your pick - which team was the best of the rest in your opinion?

Poll #5 - Which race was the best race of the year?

Okay, this is a long list - but which race was your favourite this year? Could it be the action-packed German Grand Prix? How about a crazy Brazilian GP, or a strange British Grand Prix? Click 'See more' and take a pick!

Final thoughts

And that concludes all of the categories you can vote in! Make sure you vote in all of them and let me know your reasons why in the comments below! You should also tell me what you are looking forward to in the 2020 F1 season!

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(NOTE: All images used in this article were from the media sites of F1 teams.)

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