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DriveTribe F1 Awards: You voted, here are the results!

Take a look at who you voted for as the drivers of the year in 5 different categories.

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A couple of weeks ago I wrote an article that gave you (the reader) an opportunity to vote in a series of polls to find out which driver or team were best in different categories. The results are in, and you may be surprised...

#1 - Driver of the year

The driver of the year poll was by far the most voted poll in the article with 813 voters. Out of all twenty drivers, the winner was Lewis Hamilton - but that wasn't really anything to be surprised about, was it? Hamilton has done a brilliant job this year at outperforming his teammate, as well as dominating the first 10 races with 7 wins. Out of the 800+ voters, 28.4% of you voted for the Mercedes driver; which totals at 231 voters.

In second place was the Ferrari rookie himself - Charles Leclerc. I personally had a feeling that it would be a close fight between Leclerc and Hamilton for the top spot on the table, and I was somewhat correct. 20.8% of voters thought that Charles was the best this season, which was a total of 169 people. Max Verstappen finished a close third with 153 voters (18.9%). The battle between Max and Charles was very close, which is not surprising. The two young drivers have a promising future and I cannot wait to see them battle some more in 2020.

Some numbers that did surprise me were the results of Valtteri Bottas and Sebastian Vettel. Bottas received 1.5% of the votes, despite his new mindset at the start of the year. Sebastian Vettel received 2.6% of votes. These numbers are very low in comparison to that of their teammates. In fact, both McLaren drivers outscored these two with Carlos Sainz taking P4 with 15.3% of the votes, and Lando Norris taking 4.9%.

The highest scoring drivers in this category.

The highest scoring drivers in this category.

#2 - The team of the year

This category is much shorter than the driver of the year as the options reduce from 20 to 10; allowing me to cover all of the teams rather than just a handful. Overall, there were 611 readers that voted in this category, and the results are fascinating. Mercedes top the table with 250 people (40.9%) voting for the German constructor.

The shocking - yet thoroughly deserved - second place goes to McLaren. As a constructor that has been struggling for the last few years through their rough relationship with Honda, as well as a difficult switch to Renault; McLaren did an excellent job this year by securing P4 in the championship (otherwise known as best of the rest). This was helped by their new driver lineup of Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris, two personalities that work very well together in the team. McLaren scored 37.3%, which is a total of 228 people - only a small amount of people below Mercedes.

Ferrari and Red Bull were quite surprising, especially the former. Ferrari scored 6.4% (which is only 39 people), even though they had the strongest car for the majority of the season. Red Bull, on the other hand, outscored Ferrari with 9.2% of voters (56 people) voting for them. Personally, I feel that Ferrari were higher on the list than Red Bull; however there were some strategic errors that cost Ferrari a chance and winning the constructors championship. Red Bull were very strong at some tracks, but lacked the pace at some tracks too - often leaving them in no-man's-land. Once again, I look forward to seeing the fight between the top 3 next year.

As for the midfield, Toro Rosso and Alfa Romeo both took joint 5th with 2.5% of voters choosing them. Toro Rosso deserved it especially with their incredible two podiums at the German and Brazilian Grand Prix'. Meanwhile, Renault finished in 6th with 0.5% of voters, Haas and Williams were joint 7th with 0.3%, and Racing Point were last with 0.2%.

This poll had some surprising results!

This poll had some surprising results!

#3 - Rookie of the year

There were three rookie drivers in 2019. Lando Norris made his F1 debut with McLaren, while George Russel started at Williams and Alex Albon raced for two teams in his first season.

Lando Norris took the top spot in this category with over two thirds of voters voting for the young, British driver (67.9% out of 595 people). Alexander Albon took second place with 24.7% of voters choosing him, and George Russel was 3rd with 7.4%.

George Russel, in my opinion, did an excellent job this season to out-qualify his teammate at every race; as well as get the most out of the car all year round. 2019 was another tough year for Williams, and I truly hope they can get further up the grid next year.

Lando Norris did an exceptional job in his first year of racing. Even though there was the awfully unlucky failure that made his P5 in Belgium disappear on the final lap - Norris consistently scored in the middle of the points to help McLaren take P4 in the championship.

Alexander Albon had a very tough season as he had to adapt to not one, but two teams in his first year. After the summer break, Albon took the place of Pierre Gasly at Red Bull to start a chain of very good finishes.

#4 - The best... 'best of the rest' team

This category was between those that are not Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull. A whopping 86.4% of the 595 voters voted for McLaren in this poll - which is a total of 514 people! The rest of the teams were in a slightly different order to the 'team of the year' category, with Toro Rosso securing second, Alfa Romeo in third, and Renault in 4th. Racing Point was the only team to have 0 voters in this category, while Williams took 0.3% of the votes and Haas taking 0.5%.

#5 - Race of the year

And the final category that you voted in was the 'race of the year' category. There were plenty of amazing races throughout the 2019 season; and I believe it was the best season we have seen in the last few years in terms of action.

Germany took the top spot as the race of the year, with 39.6% of the 584 votes (231 people to be exact) going this way. This is a well deserved win as the race had absolutely everything you would want in it: Drama, wet conditions, midfield cars in high positions, and a storm through the field by Sebastian Vettel. Germany will go down as one of the highlights of not only this season, but the last couple of seasons.

Second place went to Brazil, which took 116 votes (19.9%). Brazil was a race, like Germany, that was action packed right up to the line. There were safety cars, incidents between teammates, and even a second podium for Toro Rosso in 2019!

Italy took third place with 7.4% of voters (43 people) choosing the battle between Leclerc, Hamilton and Bottas as the race of the season. Which option did you agree with? Let me know in the comments below!

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Final thoughts

The 2019 F1 season was definitely a memorable one. While the same constructor won, as well as the same driver taking his third consecutive title; there were so many battles that we can look back at throughout the year! The amazing end to the Hungarian Grand Prix where Hamilton passed Verstappen with three laps to go; the tight battle between Grosjean, Sainz, Ricciardo and Stroll on the last lap at Singapore; and the wheel to wheel battles between Leclerc and Verstappen at Austria and Britain were some of my favourite moments - what were yours? Be sure to let me know.

Thanks for reading! If you would like to see more content from me, click here to see my profile. Why not vote in my recent poll - 'What is your favourite type of car?' by clicking here? I hope you all had a happy holidays and wish you the best over the new year celebrations! :D

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