DriveTribe F1 podcast: Why do so many F1 fans not rate Lewis Hamilton?

6w ago


Lewis Hamilton has now won FIVE World Championship titles – a feat only achieved by two other men, Juan Manuel Fangio and Michael Schumacher.

Both of those drivers are revered as two of the best to ever get behind the wheel of a Grand Prix car. The question is, why is Hamilton not afforded the same respect by so many fans?

Despite his incredible success in F1, the Mercedes star remains one of the most divisive figures the sport has ever seen.

Ex-F1 driver and Channel 4's pitlane pundit Karun Chandhok joins us again to discuss this, plus where Sebastian Vettel goes from here, whether Max Verstappen can make it a three-way title fight in 2019, and how Dan Ricciardo can change his terrible luck.


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Comments (31)
  • First, I don’t care . Second I can’t respect any man who drills a hole in his nose for jewlery like some third world fat washerwoman.

    1 month ago
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    • You sound like my 87 year old’s 2018, not try to be a little more broad minded if it doesn’t hurt too much. Hamilton is a mixed race, multi-millionaire...

      Read more
      1 month ago
      2 Bumps
    • True, but Mark has the right to like or dislike the global-metrosexual look. For my part i don't care what he looks, what he is, what he thinks. I'm not the kind of dude being...

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      1 month ago
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  • How can a fan dictate how an elite driver lives? Get a life. Sound like US football fans. You want people to live the way you think they should. the fact that he can jetset AND win is what people can’t stand. Yea he’s gonna complain when things go wrong. Did you guys ever see Prost interview? Hello? Over?

    It’s not like these guys mimic the swagger of their WWII vet pilot forefathers. Some of those guys were wild.

    This is the 🙄 “pentultimate Motorsport” they’re supposed to be video game level, scary good. It shouldn’t be surprising that this guy can do so many other things simultaneously. Get outta here.

    1 month ago


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