DriveTribe Ferrari 2018 concept livery - the winner is revealed

1y ago


It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas here in the UK, with snow falling and causing all trains and cars to come to a grinding halt.

And the fact that we're now in the depths of winter means we are about as far away as it's possible to be from any Formula 1 action, and frankly, that sucks.

But our designer Sean Bull is doing his best to keep us entertained in the off-season.

Each week Sean will pick an F1 team and knock up several potential designs for next year's car, then you can vote for your favourite.

He will then take the vote winner, and work it up into a full livery set, showing the car off from every angle.

Once the real car is revealed in the new year, we can compare and decide who designed it better.

Last week he created a full Mercedes livery - and also gave you six options for next year's Ferrari.

And now the results are in. What do you think of the full design?

Look at that deep red...

Notice the Prancing Horse design at the back

Looks great from this angle


Helicopter view