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DJ Ravi and Master Pilot Tarmac discuss Formula E, Future Commutes, and Bert Calls in from Kansas, USA.

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DRIVETRIBE FM - Rich Text Radio

Featuring Your Hosts - DJ Ravi and Master Pilot Arnold Tarmac

Date: November 23nd, 2019

Video Source: https://youtu.be/utQLUw3vDks

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(DJ Ravi): Happy Saturday Rich Text Radio readers, I am DJ Ravi, ½ of DriveTribe FM, here with your favorite master pilot and professional navigator, Mr. Arnold Tarmac.

(Tarmac): Thank you, Ravi. It's a rather wet day for us here in the studio this afternoon, it's been soggy all morning long, but that will never halt the furious transcripts of The Rich Text Radio Hour - NO SIR!

(Ravi): You’re absolutely correct. Now, news from around the paperwork spaces, DriveTribe’s very own, Mr. Mike Fernie had the chance to peel behind the wheel of an electric race car (Tarmac: Yes, he sure did) a ‘Formula E’ car.

(Tarmac): Now, I am all for the future, you know that (Ravi: indeed you are, sir) and to see this type of tech becoming more and more fascinatingly profound - extended battery life for completing the full 45 minute circulation of competitions, hyper complex braking systems and control features while our previous modes of Formula racing was similar to brute force styles of motoring around courses, I think this was a presentation into the future for a lot more to be seen from within the world’s arena of electric automotive activity and makes me truly optimistic for whatever humanity has in store for the future of these Formula E race cars.

(Ravi): I totally agree, and we have a caller on the line - Bert from Kansas, USA. What’s up? You’re on Rich Text Radio.

(Bert from Kansas, USA): What’s going on, fellas? Now, I have seen the video of Mike testing out the E-ride, but I want to know what the future will be like if these sort of additionals are made for people like me who drive to work everyday, and might have to top off at the charger maybe every ten days or so - depending on my week. These guys are racing these units HARD for 45 minutes, reaching speeds well within the triple digits for miles at a time. Could this be ushering in a completely new paradigm for E vehicles all over the world, to where, a single charge would allow us to travel 3000 miles in one sitting?

(Tarmac): You know he has a point there, since these cars are going to be extremely efficient in their manners of travels, who says that you can’t drive off of a single charge for the entire length across the United States within one sitting?

(Ravi): You still have to sleep, though (Tarmac: No you don’t. There are people who have made the journey non-stop, well for fuel - that’s the only thing, but driving across the USA without sleep in record times) So, is this for average drivers, or, are we leaning this technology solely on the car to handle drives of this caliber?

(Tarmac): I believe both. You’ll have those who insist on operating their vehicle as normal, and then you have the option / or luxury to set the pace for the car to drive.

(Bert From Kansas): Like the cruise control function.

(Tarmac): Exactly like that, the cruise control function. Which I never use (Ravi: Neither do it), but the idea of having it seems to be something on the same level.

(Ravi): Thanks for calling in, Bert. The lines are lighting up right now. Alright, we will be right back after these words from Joyride.

Outro Song: Cake - The Distance

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