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Featuring Your Hosts - DJ Ravi and Master Pilot Arnold Tarmac

Date: November 22nd, 2019


Meet your RTR Text Jockeys

Image 1: DJ Ravioly (Ravi)

Image 2: Master Pilot Arnold Tarmac

(FEMALE VOICE): “This is DRIVETRIBE FM - Rich Text Radio”

(Ravi): Welcome back Rich Text Readers, This is DriveTribe FM - Rich Text Radio. I am Ravi, ½ of this radio program, here with my good friend, Master Pilot, Mr. Arnold Tarmac. 

(Tarmac): What’s up with you, Ravi?

(Ravi): I’m doing well, man, no baby mama drama or anything, so we’re all golden this way

(Tarmac): Wait, you have kids? 

(Ravi): Haha, no I don’t, its just a nice way of expressing that I am doing quite well over this way - No issues. 

(Tarmac): Alright, alright, I’m with you. So, what’s the headline for the day? The word around the Tribe?

(Ravi): Did you happen to catch that Jeep versus Tank special earlier today?

(Tarmac): I did, yes. And that would be one challenge that I know I could not participate in. The line-up would not allow it. But, I will say, as kids, the adventure of trying to pedal bikes through such a terrain was the main staple around our parts of the lakeside view. 

(Ravi): Yes, indeed, and still is a strong International presence of mud boggers Worldwide. No matter what your badge, if you’re lifted, riding on swampers, equipped with front and rear wenches, the fun can last as long as your tank will allow. I love this type of vehicular testing. 

(Tarmac): Does your girlfriend enjoy this type of stuff with you?

(Ravi): She went once, and that was it. (Tarmac laughing hysterically) We were rolling down a valley, pretty solid pace, and we dipped hard onto the right side of the canal, mud and water and juices began to fly - EVERY WHERE - and her face, arms, lap, her feet - she was a brown blob of mud and random debris. I felt so bad, but I told her that the scenario could play out that way, she still insisted. 

(Tarmac): How did you make up for it?

(Ravi): I bought her a full day spa package - the complete 100%, no holds barred package - for her and her sister to go to the next day. I had to. 

(Tarmac): Ahh, Look a Ravi, such a nice guy.

(Ravi): I try, but I went back out there again the next day, this time rolling solo, so I hit canals as hard and fast as possible without any hesitation and HAD THE TIME OF MY LIFE! (Tarmac laughing) From standing still in wheel well deep terrain and racing out of it in the fastest time, we had hill climbs, valley crawls, AH, it was such a better day. 

(Tarmac): When are you going again? 

(Ravi): Not until the Spring, probably. But, coming up next after this selection, we dive into the culture and the World of 4x4 / All terrain vehicular adventures - right here, on DriveTribe FM - Rich Text Radio.

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