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Date: November 26th, 2019

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Image 1: DJ Ravioly (Ravi)

Image 2: Master Pilot Arnold Tarmac

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(FEMALE VOICE): “This is DRIVETRIBE FM - Rich Text Radio”

(Ravi): Alright, we have a caller on line - Brenton. (Tarmac: Brent from Switzerland) What’s up, Brenton?

(Brenton from Switzerland): Guys, have you heard or read about this AirShip craze that Lockheed is working with scientists on? (Tarmac: Is that the Zeppelin craft thing your thinking of?) YEAH! And its huge. My brother-in-law has this contract gig that he was discussing a couple of nights ago, and so his duty is to scan into modeling figures these Airship designs that could potentially become a huge deal in the next few years. 

(Ravi): So, what is this AirShip going to do? Become the flying cars we were told we were going to have already, but now, it's a new market over airplanes and helicopters?

(Brent from Switzerland): I don’t know about all of that, he could only disclose what he has seen and the info he has, but its something to think about, fellas. 

(Tarmac): I believe the idea behind these Airships is to lower the carbon impact that many of the larger planes within the industry produces and pumps out throughout all the travels of the day. 

(Ravi): How many planes are flying around the world everyday? What would you say?

(Tarmac): Gosh - tens of thousands? I mean, think about the major players alone. Not to mention the quiet low-key non-commercially never advertised flights (Tarmac: People's Viennaline, JetStar Asia, hahaha)

(Ravi): Yes, exactly. And this Airship - Ralphi has a photo up of this thing. LOOK AT THIS! It looks like the Goodyear blimp has been working out (Tarmac and Ralphi: Hahahahaha) It’s all swollen and looks SUPER freaking massive. 

(Tarmac): Hey, Brenton, thanks for calling in, my man. I wonder what the top speed of this thing would be. (Ravi: Where would the customers and cabin crew be positioned?)

(Ralphi): If you look closely underneath the center blimp bag (Tarmac and Ravi: the “Blimp Bag” Hahahaha) you can see windows where the AirShip could be controlled from.

(Ravi): Unbelievable. *This is your Captain speaking. We are departing shortly, and will be arriving at our destination next Thursday. (Tarmac: hahahaha) Please, remain seated and enjoy AirShip Airlines.*

(Tarmac): I doubt that will be the case, but, remember, the idea here is behind the energy conservation on the planet. That is the selling point. 

(Ravi): Alright, save the planet and arrive to your destination within a week? I’ll buy my own helicopter if need be. 

(Tarmac): I have high hopes in this weird future of transportation we’re living through, who knows what this AirShip could achieve within the future. 

(Ravi): Alright, I’ll be impressed if the Blimp mobile can take me to the outer rim of the Earth - just enough to say I’ve been to space and back. 

(Ralphi): We’re already doing that, I think. 

(Tarmac): It’s in the works. I don’t think we’ve physically had humans purchasing flights to space. 

(Ravi): If the Blimp Mobile will let me go, then I’ll reconsider my actions accordingly. We’ll be right back after a word from Drivetribe, but first - here’s Elton John’s - Rocket Man

(All Together): hahahahaha (Tarmac: Rocket Man)

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