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DRIVETRIBE FM: Rich Text Radio Morning Show (segment 2)

The Trio Discusses Life Experiences During Their Career Building Process

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December 10th, 2019

DRIVETRIBE FM: The Rich Text Radio Morning Show

(With DJ. Ravi) (Arnold Tarmac) and featuring (Ralphi Fletcher as himself)

Ravi: Welcome back everyone - and if you’re just waking up and tuning in with us - Good morning to you, and welcome to the show. I am joined by two of the most interesting men in the World - Mr. Arnold Tarmac, and our master navigator of the boards, Mr. Ralphi Fletcher.

Tarmac: Welcome back and good morning, everyone -

Ralphi: Hi listeners, and good morning

Ravi: Tarmac - Ralphi, tell me something. You two are what most would say ‘successful’, yeah?, would you agree to that? (Tarmac: Yeah, you could say that) - Ralphi: I would say I am more so above the average marker - not quite there, but getting close)

Ravi: Ok-ok, let’s say, “comfortable”, how about that? (Ralphi; Yes! more comfortable than anything) - that works, then. So, tell me something, once your lifestyle made that upgrade into another tax bracket (hahaha), what did you do when your scene shifted? Or, or, how did you handle that feeling - especially you, Tarmac, you’ve been married for what, now? Almost eleven? twelve years? And your girl was with you through all the highs and the lows of your ascent.

Ralphi: So, what’s your question, Ravi? (Tarmac: yeah.)

Ravi: Tell me what the biggest hurdle was in that shift - mentally, personally, between your family and love life, buying your homes and toys -

Ralphi: For one, you’re more driven (Tarmac: Exactly that) to become more and it just springboards you forwards towards whatever your dream is, or whatever it is that you’re working towards -

Tarmac: As a dude, this is the secret sauce for success, in my opinion. Guys need that fuel for the future, (Ralphi: That juice!! BABYY!!) Exactly, that juice, because, everything from there just follows it. It’s like - it’s like you’re like a large farm silo that always has a seed machine over it pouring seeds and grain into it, and when you’re doing what you desire and want to achieve and do your thing - handling your business, you’re leaving a trail of success seeds and energy behind you.

Ralphi: That is so true. It’s a fantastic feeling to have as a dude - females can develop this as well. I can’t speak on their behalf, of course, but, chicks can drip, too.

Ravi: Hahaha they can drip without trying, you know? (Tarmac: hahaha, yeah you’re right, simply because they’re female) but that is another story for another time. What about your family and close friends - what happened?

Ralphi: We’re still on the same level, nothing really changed between us - (Tarmac: My folks just started coming over more since I bought the house.)

Ravi: HAHAHA! Yeah, your “House”, that’s a good one - (Ralphi: You have a mansion, man)

Tarmac: It’s technically not a mansion, I can prove it to you, too. I have the papers. (Ralphi: What about the fam?) The family enjoys visiting - my wife’s side as well. Like, they know that “Uncle Arnold” isn’t like a mega baller like an athlete or something, but, when they come through and they can understand that NUMBER ONE: we’re working hard to have this, we have to - you two are, as well, uh, they realize it’s truly work to have your dreams.

Ralphi: Yeah, and that is the hard part for some to understand in your family - (Tarmac: unfortunately, but it’s calming down, we’re evolving) and they’re funny as hell, too.

Ravi: Yeah, they are. Now, seeing that Tarmac was with his lady through the come-up phase - did I use that correctly? (Tarmac: hahahaha, yes, yes, you did) PERFECT! Tarmac was on the come up with his present lady, but you, Ralphi. There were mornings that you didn’t even go home to change and shower for the show because you would be out and participating in various nightlife activities (Tarmac: smelling like liquor and lady parts, hahahaha (Ravi: hahahaha, yeah, yeah, you did -

Ralphi: In my defense, I have calmed down quite a bit. And that was only one time - the coming into the studio wearing the same clothes from yesterday. (Ravi: You did this NUMEROUS times, Ralphi) When was the other time? Tell me.

Ravi: The holiday show with those international guests - We all left the restaurant at the same time that night, we leave, you’re still roaming around the city and enjoying your festivities - (Tarmac: I even seen you walking BACK HERE to the studio as I was driving up the following morning) Exactly!

Ralphi: In my defense, I have calmed down. Mostly since meeting (the lady friend) (Ravi: and how long has that been for you two?) it’s almost seven months.

Ravi: Tarmac, any pointers for young Ralphi in the maintaining department?

Tarmac: I can’t say specifically, I mean, you seem to be handling things well for yourself and your girl. It’s been seven months for you two, I’m rooting for you two - (Ralphi: thank you for that)

Ravi: That’s special. Solid advice and tales from the dynamic duo. We’re hitting the phones after a quick break and a word from DRIVETRIBE - we’ll continue this discussion shortly. You’re listening to DRIVETRIBE FM: The Rich Text Radio Morning Show.


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