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Our Caller Recalls His Adventure Riding As A Co-Pilot

1y ago

"I have to let you know, I was only the co-pilot during this situation.

[Interstate ??] Somewhere leaving [??]. My driver was well rested from the night before during this road trip adventure we were traveling on.

As for myself, I was just recovering from staying out all night with others who suffer from the patterns of enjoying the nightlife of an adventure. No worries, though. We were scheduled to have an easy day cruising into [city and state] for the ending third leg of our journey. An easy 564 mile trek Southwest through some beautiful scenary and places to capture photos and footage.

But, that plan soon went out of the window as we crossed the state line.

"Radars and jammers are active - Entering [state here], our next stop is estimated for another 210 miles before we need to stop again."

"Copy that", my driver replied, mashing the pedals, shifting, and merging into the far left lane. Passing traffic with air-forcing speeds to rock and shake the passing vehicles to our immediate right.

A quick peek at the dashboard, the sunlight was glaring over the needles on top of the protective glass. I knew we were well within three digit range, just not by how much.

And this was only fifth gear. Plenty of throttle and pedal to apply, but we've yet to cross that bridge at this moment.

Passing an off ramp, I steer my attention to its exiting point only to view a vehicle parked on its shoulder. Resting. Then, immediately darting outwards once our escaping speed out of sight were no longer synced up.

"We have company".

Immediately after my comment, we are holding strong in the left lane, reaching the brink of sixth gear, until another exit was approaching, and we make our mad dash manuever onto the off ramp, and peel right without caution.

We ended up inside of a small city, being posted to every red light that stretched this inner city town. Just off to the left was a parade taking place, and kids offering a car washing service to those participating.

"Why not", my driver said. And we're both standing in the courtyard of an empty lot that belonged to various businesses, getting the car washed for a proper cause, all the while, our trail long gone forever down the drain like the road grime and bug debris that was being removed from the shell of our steed from locals for a fundraiser.

A lucky break, and one of my most memorbale moments during my long driving adventures. "

-L 00 PYY (caller)

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