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DRIVETRIBE FM: The Rich Text Radio Morning Show (Dec 12th)

Decorate Your House, or Purchase Two SUV's?

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December 12th, 2019

DRIVETRIBE FM: The Rich Text Radio Morning Show

DJ Ravi - Arnold Tarmac - Ralphi Fletcher

If you’re just tuning in, the trio is discussing a caller’s thoughts on the holidays and the idea of family coming over, spending money, crappy gifts, dealing with their in-laws, and having a house full of people.

Ravi: Welcome back to the show - The Rich Text Radio Morning Show, right here on DRIVETRIBE FM. We have two of the World’s most trendsetting individuals to be a part of the show - Mr. Arnold Tarmac, and Mr. Ralphi Fletcher - now, that caller was just not happy at all -

Tarmac: Just sucked all of the energy from the room with that negativity

Ralphi: I actually enjoy a lot of what was dismissed to be honest with you. We used to have our house PACKED with family, eating and playing around, I mean, we were kids, so, we just played mostly, but, everyone was always happy to be around and together, you know?

Tarmac: Did everyone dress up in ugly sweaters and santa suits?

Ralphi: My sweaters were never ugly, and no, we didn’t have a santa - (Ravi: Did you mistletoe at all?) yeah, well the adults were into that.

Ravi: My Uncle would wear the hat with the mistletoe on the front, like a carrot in front of the horse type of thing, and would just suck my aunts face the entire afternoon. Hilarious times

Tarmac: You had the feast and festivities going on? Presents and stuff?

Ravi: / Ralphi: Oh yeah! Stockings everywhere, the REAL life tree that my dad would lug in from the mountains, lights, some yard toys and figures - it was serious presentation times

Ralphi: We never did the lights, but everything else inside was the main event.

Ravi: Tarmac, what about your large 10,000 square foot mega mansion estate? (Ralphi / Tarmac: hahahaha) what does Lady Tarmac approve of for you?

Tarmac: We do have the tree and stockings and what not, but we can’t do the lights anymore - (Ravi: why not?) Well, a few years ago, I got a bit carried away and spent an insane amount of money on decorating the entire property.

Ralphi: How much did you spend?

Tarmac: Uhh… I don’t want to say, but, you could probably purchase a couple of cars or so, hahahaha

Ravi / Ralphi: WOW / That is insane, Tarmac. What type of cars are we talking about?

Ravi: Yeah? I mean, used? New? Sedans? SUV? Supercars?

Tarmac: At the time, you could have picked up a couple of Hummers.

Ravi: That is insane! - (Ralphi: You spent over a hundred thousand dollars on lights, Tarmac?)

Tarmac: It wasn’t quite six figures, but yeah. I was all in.

Ravi: That is crazy, Tarmac - and look at this, the phone lines are solid. It’s not even blinking anymore.

Ralphi: You do have the space and usage for that amount of lighting around your house.

Ravi: Yes, he sure does. But, we have to take a break, and we’ll get to some of these calls right after this message from DRIVETRIBE - stay tuned to The Rich Text Radio Morning Show, everyone -


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