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A Caller Informs the Show About Supercar Hijinks

1y ago

The Rich Text Radio Morning Show (DJ Ravi) (Arnold Tarmac) (Ralphi Fletcher)

Ravi: Welcome back, welcome back everyone. This is the Rich Text Radio Morning Show, and I am one third of this unit, DJ Ravi. And I am blessed to be seated alongside two of the planets most notoriously interesting men - Mr. Arnold Tarmac and Mr. Ralphi Fletcher -

Tarmac / Ralphi: Hello-hello / good morning, everyone, welcome back

Ravi: Hey Ralphi, so, uh, when are you going to shave that pitiful excuse of a beard off? (Tarmac: Hahaha, you are looking a bit rough, man)

Ralphi: Look, lay off the beard, okay? I’m going to shave it soon, just feel like wolfin’ it for a little while.

Ravi: Alright alright (Tarmac: Yea, leave him alone, Ravi)

(After a few news reads and several jokes, a caller was on the line very upset about his neighbor and his supercar antics early in the morning. He began to hold up the phone and shouting in the background as the car started to leave the vicinity of their area. He clicked off and we’re now returning to the show after a quick break.)

Ravi: If you’re just tuning in to the show, we had a caller call us up about his neighbor who just purchased a $375,000 supercar, (Ralphi: A young guy) (Tarmac: Don’t mention the company, we can’t clear that) I won’t. But, YEAH! He’s a younger kid, twenty-two or something, and he races the car up and down the street in the early morning -

Tarmac: He was holding the phone up as the kid was driving out of the neighborhood, revving and screaming the engine, REALLY hard.

Ralphi: He’s just having fun, though. (Tarmac: Yeah, but it’s early in the morning though, people are sleeping) But the guy was up and even called us about it.

Ravi: But we don’t know what the entire situation is, though. Is this a closed community, open roads? (Tarmac: It doesn’t matter - early in the morning, you should crawl that, that “beast” of an automobile out of the area in a chill way)

Ralphi: I don’t know. A lot of unknowns here in my opinion.

Tarmac: Like what?

(Still on the topic of the supercar, the conversation is now focused around young, wealthy, and entrepreneurial supercar owners of present society. Is it easier than ever to earn a larger income, or, are things still the same ten years ago? Ravi has been quiet for the past five minutes)

Tarmac: Listen to me, Ralphi, modern society today has always followed this ebb and flow of monetary progress. (Ralphi: Yes, we’ve been over this) The times are still the same, the only difference is, now, we have easier access to information. The drive of the individuals are not changing.

Ralphi: No way! Everyone - in some form or fashion - is being affected by the tech we use everyday, and THAT is why we see more rising wealth expansions all throughout the market - especially here. Which is why, I win the argument. The ones who are rising up and over that stigma of “it can’t be for me”, or, “it’s not going to happen for me” (and they haven’t even tried it, unfortunately - whatever their “it” is) are the reasons you see these newly emerging thousand-naires and millionaires flourishing. (GET UP AND GET TO HUSTLING, PEOPLE! IT’S POSSIBLE!!!)

Ravi: Whoa, whoa, guys - let’s reel this in and refocus for a second - (Tarmac: No!, He’s -) YO! TARMAC! You two have back and forth for over ten minutes. Take a break (Tarmac: Im sorry, my bad, my bad) now look - I can feel the energy and passion in the studio right now. Your debate his lit up the phonelines - and we have to take a break and we’ll get to you callers after this word from DRIVETRIBE. Stay tuned, this is The Rich Text Radio Morning Show, everyone.


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