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DRIVETRIBE FM: The Rich Text Radio Morning Show (Dec 13th)

"Weekend Plans and A Vintage Car Collection Dinner"

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December 13th, 2019

(DJ Ravi) (Arnold Tarmac) (Ralphi Fletcher)

Ravi: Welcome back, everyone. Today is December 13th, 2019, and you’re tuned in here - DRIVETRIBE FM: The Rich Text Radio Morning Show, I am your host, DJ Ravi, and, blessing our studio this morning, two of the most sharpest gentlemen to ever step out of Brooks Brothers and Vineyard Vines magazines, Mr. Arnold Tarmac and Mr. Ralphi Fletcher.

Tarmac: / Ralphi: good morning, everyone / Hi, everyone, good morning.

Tarmac: To be honest with you all, this is not Vineyard Vines, this is Ralph Lauren, so note that.

Ralphi: Haha, what do you have, a sponsor with them or something?

Tarmac: No, just giving facts on the attire (Brushing the sleeves of his shirt)

Ravi: I do apologize, ladies and gentlemen. Let me apologize for my lack of clothing knowledge identification skills, ‘Mr. Arnold Tarmac is wearing Ralph Lauren’.

Tarmac: There you go - (Ralphi: What are you wearing, Ravi?)

Ravi: A standard button up, just crispy and low key, and truly comfortable

Tarmac: It is nice (Ralphi: Yea, Ravi. Nice work dressing up this morning)

Ravi: You know, I can clean it up every once in a while - but I have a dinner right after the show today, so I’m ready to go as soon as I leave here.

Ralphi: OOhhhh yeah, you’re doing the Automotive Collectors Dinner tonight. I forgot about that

Ravi: Yes I am and I could not be late, Mrs. Ravi would not have that - (Tarmac: What’s going down? What are you doing?) uh - I am introducing the guest of the night and presenting an award to one of the collectors with an impressive six million dollar vintage car collection

Ralphi: Six million dollars in vintage cars - (Tarmac: That is a lot to have just posted up and not drive at all) I think it’s more for display and preservation. You can still drive them, right?

Ravi: I believe so, I was told just stick with the flow of the program and I would be all right. Arrive, meet, eat, introduce, award, and photos. Should be a fun evening though. I am excited, a room full of vintage vehicles and some amazing food for a few hours, can’t beat it.

Tarmac: What’s planned for you two for Sunday? Still hitting up the Farmer’s Markets, Ralphi?

Ralphi: Not this weekend, no. We’re driving up North to visit some family, only about a two hour drive, my sister and her husband are going, as well - (Tarmac: visiting some family, not bad - your turn, Ravi. What’s on the agenda for Sunday?)

Ravi: I’ll let you know after a word from DRIVETRIBE. You’re listening to The Rich Text Radio Morning Show. Stay tuned!


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