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Travel, Motorcycles, and Sturgis Bike Week

1y ago

DRIVETRIBE FM: The Rich Text Radio Morning Show

(With DJ. Ravi) (Arnold Tarmac) and featuring (Ralphi Fletcher as himself)

Ravi: This is DRIVETRIBE FM: The Rich Text Radio Morning Show. I am one third of your hosts here, DJ Ravi - and we are joined by the talented and the forever impactful, Mr. Arnold Tarmac and lastly, but always first in class, Mr. Ralphi Fletcher. Gentlemen, how are you doing this morning?

Tarmac: Im doing well, man. Im good - (Ralphi: Im good, minus the rain outside.) (Ravi: Oh, yea, you walk to the studio in the mornings, huh?) yeah, I do, or sometimes I ride the bike here.

Tarmac: You don’t miss driving?

Ralphi: No, not really. (Ravi: You see, this is where we differ, you and I - I MUST drive, its just something about the automobile that rules over me.)

Ralphi: But you also live in the suburbs, too - (Tarmac: But that is the beauty of living in a location where you’re only minutes away from everything)

Ravi: I have to have a car, or some form of transportation. Because if I ever feel like I want to just leave from somewhere, I can pack my stuff up and I’m gone.

Tarmac: I always imagined you doing something like that, except on a motorcycle or something (Ralphi: Like the film with Peter Fonda on that skinny looking harley machine)

Ravi: What’s that movie, (singing) “BOOOOOORRNNN To Be WIIIIIIILLLDDDD” (Tarmac: Hahahaha)

Ralphi: ‘Easy Rider’ (Tarmac: Yeaahh, Easy Rider, that’s it) Starring Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper. Released in 1969.

Ravi: I would do that. Have my bike and that side saddle for tools and a paper map - (Ralphi: Hahaha, you’re one pair of jeans and a t-shirt (Tarmac: Hahaha) I would so do that. Imagine, just imagine the stories you’ll collect driving a bike around the World.

Tarmac: We have a caller from Iowa, Roger - from Iowa, what’s up man -

Roger from Iowa: Hey’s what’s up guys. My wife and I did this, this biking across the country excursion, and we rode out to Sturgis, you know the - (Ravi: The huge motorcycle festival in South Dakota) Yeah, exactly, and we loved every bit of it. (Tarmac: I bet you did, Roger, hahaha)

No-no, like it was an adventure riding across the midwest, smelling every acre together, taking photos and meeting up with other riders going the same way. Im telling you, Ravi, if you did that, it will change your life, man.

Ravi: Now, Roger, do you still have your bike?

Roger from Iowa: Oh yeah, we still have it. It’s out in the garage, and - (Ralphi: How far did you have to travel to get to Sturgis?) Well, we used to live in Iowa City, and that was about an 11 to 12 hour or so ride. But, you know, we stopped a lot and she wanted to take photos and eat, so you know. Not a bad trip overall, I’m telling you.

Tarmac: Where uh, where did you two sleep when you got tired?

Roger from Iowa: We pulled off - (Ravi: Were you carrying any luggage or bags or anything?) We would stop at a hotel and our bag was just a little backpack size bag we stuffed everything into. Hey, uh, look fellas, I gotta get off of here, but thanks for taking my call.

(Ravi: Alright, thanks for calling in, Roger. (Tarmac: Wow, that is amazing, twelve hours on a bike. I wonder who drove the way out there and back.) He probably did. Did you hear his enthusiasm?

Ralphi: He said it changed it life. I wonder what happens at these bike rallies.

Tarmac: I imagine the same things as the car or truck events, just with biker boys and biker chicks.

Ralphi: Bike enthusiasts

Ravi: Well, when you see me rolling into the parking lot on a hog, you already know - you know what’s up (Tarmac: Hahahaha) (Ralphi: hahaha, he’s off and outta here) we’re going to take a quick break and have a word from DRIVETRIBE and we’ll be right back - right here, on The Rich Text Radio Morning Show.


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