Drivetribe! Help w. Chump & sons choose a project car!

Our office needs a project car, and we need your help!

4y ago

W Chump & Sons of London is a company full of real, authentic, A-grade petrolheads. Making television is our profession, of course, but for all of us our boyish love of cars, bikes, mechanics in general shines through and forms the drive for all of us to get out of bed in the morning. We all make the perilous drive across London to Chiswick each morning in our german cars (its pretty much a straight split between 3-series BMWs and VW Golfs, somewhat predictably) to spend our days dreaming up films for the show The Grand Tour, and then we drive home; and I think we're really missing a trick there.

There are at least 6 of us with at least a little mechanical knowledge (Jeremy not included for obvious, hammer-yielding reasons) and the inclination to go fast. Like FAST fast. We have an office full of tools, spare parts, and all the tea and toast a man could ask for - I think we need a project car.

Jeremy not included for obvious, hammer-yielding reasons...

Anybody with any sense.

Project cars are a fantastic notion; buying something with the sole intent of making it better, faster, cooler - for many people the last time they will have made a purpose with such intent would have been their first car. Mine was a Mini Mayfair; I was always reticent to call it a 'Mayfair', both because i thought it was a bit flowery, but mainly because it tipped people off that rather than being a mini touched by the genius of Cooper, or even just having the added 275cc of the 1275cc models, mine was just one of the uninteresting masses masses. Anyway, i fucked around with that car so much - adding more weight than i removed admittedly, but always in pursuit of that cool edge - and i think the same is true of a project car.

Please, don't try and sell me your 'its been stood for a few years but turned over fine last weekend' MGB.

Everybody ever. Nobody wants your MGB.

So, what should we choose? We want something with a good amount of power, easy to source parts for & to uprate, something we can all understand and work on with relative ease, and something with an established fanbase. Wouldn't it be cool to invite members of a certain car's DRIVETRIBE to come help us out?

We can't do a Miata - its been done before by Alex & our brothers at Car Throttle - so don't even bother suggesting that! We're not even that bothered about bastardising a car - We have a Rover V8 kicking around, and a shitload of Beatle parts - that could be an interesting idea. Remember also, the end-game here is to race this car around the Eboladrome, and likely kill ourselves, so bare that in mind! Let us know your suggestions - but please, don't try and sell me your 'its been stood for a few years but turned over fine last weekend' MGB.

Old e30 BMW?

Old e30 BMW?

4-door 190 Merc?

4-door 190 Merc?

Porsche 944?

Porsche 944?

We welcome any and all suggestions. We don't descirimate, we just want to have fun!

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Comments (33)

  • Definitely the 190 merc !

    Try to make look better than mine ;)

      4 years ago
  • Why do you have only german cars in your article? Do the unthinkable: Take a random car made by BRITISH LEYLAND and show, that british can be best!

      3 years ago
  • '47 Studebaker.

      3 years ago
  • Alfa romeo GTA

      3 years ago
  • I am late to the party, but in the event you still haven't decided... First, it should be made in Britain. Secondly, the platform should be financially accessible to many people. That way your work will help others get some nice cars back on the road. Third, it should be in rough condition (like a lawn ornament) when you get it. You have the means to do more than the typical person, think of it as a contribution to maintaining automotive history. Besides, a project for a group with a shop should be sufficiently challenging. Lastly, it should be pre-1980 and RWD.

      3 years ago