DRIVETRIBE is dying. Defining Drives isn't.

Some of the best content on DRIVETRIBE has a new home. And, goodness me, it's sexy.

5d ago

DriveTribe is dying.

By now, you would have heard the news. It’s not the end of a chapter. It’s the end of an entire novel.

But it's not the end of Defining Drives.

Introducing a site to host some of the best automotive content on the internet (if I don’t say so myself).

Does the world need another website?

No. But Defining Drives is different.

Whereas most automotive websites are focused on pumping out soulless, mind-numbing content, Defining Drives’ focus is community. Content comes second.

Community first? Do explain.

At the foundation of Defining Drives is membership (much like DRIVETRIBE). Becoming a member at is FREE, and simply requires an email address.

Our membership model opens up an entire world of possibilities that transforms Defining Drives from merely an entertainment production centre into a living and flourishing community.

Becoming a member grants you access to:

-EXCLUSIVE members-only content (Remember my Honest Ad series? They’ll live here).

-A free email newsletter containing the best automotive news in a bite-size format (No, spam. Promise.)

-Defining Drives’ official members-only Discord that will host conversations and competitions.

And this is only the start. As the site grows, I’ll be aiming to add further perks, benefits, and community features.

Can I engage with the site’s content?

You certainly can. Defining Drives is currently running a comment hosting service that allows you to comment, add images, GIFs, and more.

Can I post on Defining Drives?

Not yet.

This is Genesis. Time is needed to iron out the quirks and ensure I am producing the best quality content possible at a regular pace.

Over time, I may very well open up the site to more creators. If you’re interested in joining the revolution, shoot me an email at

I'm on the site. Looks hot. Where are the ads?

There are none. I’m going to be shouldering the brunt of the cost. Call me the Good Samaritan.

Sounds expensive.

It is. But this community is worth it.

I’m in. Where’s all your content?

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be uploading my existing library to Come February there will be new content to chew on.

So go on. Visit and become a member today.

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Comments (66)

  • Have it marked and I'll go back and join asap. Trying to keep up with all of the different directions everyone is going is a bit overwhelming. Glad this isn't dying along with DT. Never had so many laughs related to cars!!!! Can't lose your humor.

      5 days ago
  • Joined 🤑😎

      5 days ago
  • Joined without thinking! I would really miss the Drivetribe community, and if there will be some place where it will go on, I will certainly be there, no doubt about that. Keep up the good work mate! 💪

      5 days ago
  • Just commenting is enough for now. A lot of what builds a core reader base starts forming in the comments section -- that's basically what Oppositelock started with back when Jalopnik was a big, independent deal. Having that power is more than enough for me.

      5 days ago
    • That's great to hear! Comments are only the beginning ;) See you on the new site!

        5 days ago
  • I was thinking bout u this morning ,your catchy last came to my mind and I thought what this chap must be doing!;

      5 days ago