DriveTribe launches Play-at-Home quiz pack to beat the lockdown blues

It's on sale for £2.99 for a limited time only

1y ago

DriveTribe has launched a play-at-home petrolhead quiz pack for families and friends who are bored of staring at the walls every evening.

The quiz pack includes everything you need to host your own six-round petrolhead quiz.

This means you get a series of dastardly questions devised by the DriveTribe team, answer sheets, worksheets for the dastardly 'name the car from the emoji' round, and an audio file for the 'guess the car from its engine sound' round. It even has my voice on it. Sorry.

Current on sale for just £2.99 for a limited time, the DriveTribe quiz pack is the perfect antidote for lame lockdown boredom.

Buy your DriveTribe play-at-home quiz pack right here.

it's actually really good

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Containing everything you need to host a petrolhead quiz for your friends and family

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  • To folks in the comments saying that this quiz pack should be free - a couple of quick points. Firstly, all of DriveTribe is free (including the quizzes section on the website and app), all of our videos are free on YouTube, stories on Apple News are free, all content on the website and the apps are free as is everything else we publish everywhere.

    While all of this is free we do have to pay for the salaries of the people who work at DriveTribe and the technology costs we have with Amazon and others. So we have to make a little cash each month to keep DriveTribe available to everyone: no income = no DriveTribe.

    We usually make that money through companies advertising with DriveTribe, however, as things stand at the moment there are less companies spending advertising money so we are looking at different ways of keeping some cash coming in to help with running costs. This includes the odd bit of premium content like this quiz pack.

    If you are a bit flush, would like a quiz pack and would like to support DriveTribe please buy one. If you are cash-strapped at the moment then don't buy one and try out the 100s if not 1000s of free quizzes available every day on DriveTribe (check out the quizzes tab).

    TLDR: to keep DriveTribe 99% free we do need to pay the people that work here and the technology costs to keep the site running. To pay for things we do need income which is harder to get at the moment as advertisers are keeping their cash under the mattress, so we are creating a few premium products to help keep the lights on.

      1 year ago
    • If you had asked for solidarity, the tone of this would be way different and I'm sure that lot of us would donate to keep the loved platform going. I would probably do it.

      Instead, we got the oldest cheesy line in sales business. Not to start on...

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        1 year ago
    • No

        1 year ago
  • Should be free like some car makers are doing colouring with rainbows for people to do for free

      1 year ago
    • “Some car makers” are multi billion dollar companies and can afford to do that for free

        1 year ago
  • Just bought this with my DriveTribe wages lol

      1 year ago
  • People who buy this – please let us know how it went… and if it tested your family's bonds.

      1 year ago
    • It's just insulting.

        1 year ago
    • How dare anyone try to sell something not for free at a time like this? We should be getting free toilet paper, free masks, free hand sanitizer and most importantly, FREE (totally nonessential) BOARD GAMES!

        1 year ago
  • I think this is absolutely brilliant!! If i actually had any friends that were car people, I'd so get this. Bloody good valie for what you get tbh. I like that they alao give you mp3 engine sounds for one round haha. thats brilliant! in my mind though, i kind of imagined the boys themselves making the sound effects... which i think could be even better than the actual sounds of the engines tbh 🙊😬😂

      1 year ago