DriveTribe merch is coming - and we want YOUR designs!

19w ago


People of DT - BIG news: A dedicated DriveTribe online store is on the way!

That's right, in a few weeks, the iconic DT black chevron tee can finally be yours. Not to mention hats, hoodies, mugs and much, much more (I'm campaigning for DT branded fanny packs - stay tuned). On top of all the essentials, we'll also be partnering up with the biggest influencers from the world of motoring to collaborate on some extra-special merch.

Show us what you've got!

We want you, the people who make up DriveTribe, to get involved. This is your chance to design a hoodie or hat (or anything else, really) and have it feature on the DT online store.

There are absolutely no rules here - although maybe try to make it vaguely motoring-y.

So there you have it! Go crazy! Get your pencils out (or Microsoft paint for you mavericks) and get stuck in.

Send your designs to There will be a prize for everyone whose idea get picked. Good luck!

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