DriveTribe Motor Show Stand - what would you like to see?

It’s a little under 5-months before the London Motor and Tech Show kicks off and, having booked a meeting with the people likely to build the DriveTribe Stand, I thought it would be opportune to get the views of you, our community.

So, before we brief the builders, my burning question: what would you like and expect to see on our DriveTribe Motorshow stand?

Of course, there’s the obvious and predictable answer – a combined gymnastics and origami display from Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May. Perhaps doable, but something we would have to confirm nearer the time. Origami requires training after all.

Aside from our three founders, what does DriveTribe mean to you and what facets of our community would you like us to bring to life?

If we were a paddock of vehicles, what cars would you expect to see? Our verticals cover every conceivable genre from: motorbikes, classics, supercars, electric, JDM even Scalextric, Lego and Matchbox toycars!

Are you a Motorsports fanatic or a fan of geeky quizzes in our Fun section? If you’re like me…do you stare in wonder at the quality of photos in our photography vertical? Pure artistry.

On a more lifestyle level, perhaps your enjoyment of automotive is more about “the experience” – a quest to take 4x4s and adventure vehicles off the beaten track, or thrill of engineering and finding out how things work

Then of course there is the community itself. One of the constant refrains we hear is the chance to interact with like-minded people, meet influencers, build a network of fellow enthusiasts, get feedback on a post or receive advice on an automotive related query.

Which neatly bring me back to the point: please share your thoughts on what you'd like to see, in the comments below.

Click here to visit the Motor Show web site and purchase tickets on a special DriveTribe reduced rate.