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1y ago


You may have noticed over the past few days that the Ambassador Network is now up and running. Essentially, the role of an Ambassador will be to find awesome content that can then be promoted. This will be done in two ways:

1) On the homepage of DriveTribe

2) On the relevant DriveTribe Facebook pages

For a more detailed look into the work that ambassadors will do on DriveTribe, take a look at this informative piece.

As a group, the ambassadors are dedicated to ensuring that good content does not go unnoticed and that engaging pieces of work are given the respect and attention they deserve. Whether you're a leader of a big tribe, the leader of a small tribe or a contributor. Everyone deserves a level playing field.

In order to help this process, we'd like anyone and everyone who thinks that their content is of good quality to comment below. This will then help ambassadors understand what kind of content you create and they can then keep you on their radar (in the least creepy way possible).

So, get in to the comments section! Let us know about yourself and/or your tribe, you can even give us a 500 page backstory of your life if you like, although I can't promise anyone will read that...

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Comments (14)
  • Hi Martyn Stanley here of Irreverent Car Talk and BinnedItLikeHammond. I've been a bit sparse on content lately, but what I do produce is generally well-liked. I'm an author as well as many other things, and I think my articles are pretty entertaining. I made a directory of my articles so far here:-

    1 year ago
  • Hi guys Jim Hughes here of CO-DRIVER

    I joined drivetribe in the hope that my articles would get some exposure but felt slightly crest fallen due to all the reasons that have now resulted in the ambassador role being created. So very excited to see how the change progresses, please pop over to my tribe and check it out any help would be greatly appreciated

    1 year ago


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