DriveTribe now has a home for JDM Fans

5w ago


You asked, we listened. Actually, we argued with Jonathan the DriveTribe CEO about whether people want a JDM section of the site and somehow won.

So if you're a fan of Supras, Skylines, Silvias, Type Rs, Kei cars, Bosozoku oddities or just love a bit of Touge action, we have a home just for you. It's called JDM Fans (thanks, we're pretty imaginative), and you'll finding it by swiping across the sections on the DT mobile app, or clicking 'more' on the website on desktop or mobile. Or by heading straight there.

If you've been waiting for this moment to really go nuts creating great JDM content then get stuck in. And if you know some great JDM tribes to follow then drop them in the comments!

Which just leaves me to say…

どうもありがとうございました! あなたは素敵な人で、正確に276馬力です。

Join in

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