Drivetribe : one year of happiness.

As you know, it's the 1st birthday of DriveTribe. I wasn't on DT when the platform was created and I didn't think to be here one day.

Why am I here? It's a good question. If you read my article about my long and hard adventure to manage my driving license, you wonder why I became an automotive enthusiast. Before discovering the motoring world, I was so afraid of cars. It's really funny to write that now. Life is so surprising. What's DriveTribe according to me? I try to describe it in four points.

DriveTribe : a motoring paradise.

When you read articles from other tribe leaders, it's just a pleasure to find out different aspects on the motoring. I don't like the supercars or the technical motoring things but I'm just curious to learn more things on the cars. I've never driven a motorbike but Anthony Yates posts a lot of interesting contents on the motorbikes and organizes great quizzes every friday on #Tony-pub-chat. I've never driven a pickup or a truck but I like Brandy Bank's tribe. Patricia Pedrosa represents the motoring girl power. I can continue to enumerate tribe's leaders but it would be so long. You should be curious by visiting a lot of tribes. You would be amazed by the numbers of the motoring aspects.

Discover Anthony, Brandy and Patricia's tribes :

DriveTribe : a transportation world.

It's the name of my main tribe. Before writing and posting some contents, I had some doubts to be here. Then, I read tribes which talked about cars but not only. I see helicopters and trains on some articles. I realized the motoring is linked to the other transports. If you didn't know, I'm a ship lover, so why not writing on the transportation world by including the shipping or the hybrid transports? DriveTribe is not only a motoring social platform. It's a transportation world for everyone who love the planes, the trains, the cars, the ships and even the flying cars! Ost Neer tells you how it is important to understand the social origins of the mototing. He explains you easily the motoring philosophy on his tribe, Academic Driving.

DriveTribe : an international community of petrolheads.

Thanks James May, Richard Hammond and Jeremy Clarkson for creating that motoring paradise. The majority of DT's members comes from the UK and the US. You meet also some members from Italy, Brazil, France, New-Zealand, Poland, South Africa etc... You have to write and speak in English to be on DriveTribe. There are an US DriveTribe and Australian DriveTribe too. Maybe one day, a DriveTribe France will be developed. I'm sure my mate Clemsie agrees with me.

You can dream of everything here. If you're not a native English people, don't be afraid of writing even it's difficult at the beginning. Don't forget the hardest things are really painful but you're happy when you see some positive results at the end.

Discover Mathew D'Souza's tribe, Clemsie McKenzie's tribe and Louis Wahl's tribe here :

DriveTribe : a great team.

It's the last reason why DriveTribe is an amazing and human community. DT's team realizes a wonderful work. Jonathan, Lucy, Ben, Tom, Micheal, Mahmood and the others deserve more hugs. Everyday, DriveTribe offers new interesting contents, chats, interviews and stream lives with our trio and with motoring journalists or racers. DT's new version is based on an interractive choice of contents. The ambassadors achieve a great work here and on the social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram ...).

The most important element is you. I mean all the members. You don't need to be an ambassador to promote and write interesting and surprising articles or just post pictures and videos. We are a team. We work and share experiences, pictures, knowledges and a common passion together. Everyone is unique so everyone give new points of views.

DriveTribe's news available here :

This are my last words : Happy birthday DriveTribe!

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Comments (4)

  • Great article Aurelie. And thank you so much for the shoutout!

      3 years ago
  • Dear , thank you for mentioning the #Acadrive in your article and appreciating my work. It was, actually, a pleasant surprise for me to discover that you like the tribe so much.

    I'm working for the interested and knowledge-thirsty reader. Thank you for being such.

      3 years ago
    • I always like your work. If DT team would create a new category called "Motoring Philosophy", I'm sure you're one of the best ambassadors.

        3 years ago