DriveTribe Project Cars 2 Challenge

1y ago


Do you fancy yourself as a bit of a gamer? Are you currently getting stuck into Project Cars 2 since its release? Well now is your chance to put your driving game talents to the test.

I (DriveTribe's very own Mike Fernie) will be setting the fastest time I can on livestream in the #gaming live chat on DriveTribe. The livestream will be taking place in the #gaming chat at 13:00 today here:


Game Setup

Game - Projects Cars 2

Format - Time Trial

Track - Knockhill International

Car - Lotus Type 25

Competition start - 13:00 BST 10/10/17

Competition end - 17/10/17

How can I enter the competition?

1. Add 'DriveTribe Official' (drivetribers) as a friend on PS4

2. We will then add you to the DriveTribe Community

3. Set a time in the Time Trial format in the specific car and the specific track

4. Screenshot and submit your time into the #gaming live chat on DriveTribe


What do I win?

If you can beat my time in the Lotus, you will win an exclusive present from James May! Once our PS4 community has grown, we have some much more extravagant prizes to give away to the fastest drivers amongst you!

I've been practicing...with various degrees of success...

So tune into the livestream in the #gaming chat at 13:00 BST today to see how I get on and to give yourself a target! Happy gaming!

Here's a link to the #gaming chat again, just incase: