DriveTribe Race Series Race Details (05/12/20)

Details for the first December race under another new name! Read the details if you want to take part.

Another New Name?

Yes the original DriveTribe community race became the Fuel Injection Racing League and is now the DriveTribe Race Series. If you raced before the format and time is still the same so no need to worry! If you are new the details and format for the races is below.

A Bit About The Races

The races will take place every Saturday night at 8pm GMT (UK time) on Forza Horizon 4 and will all be 25 laps long unless stated otherwise. We will always race in clear weather in summer season, although any other assists are up to you.

All you have to do if you want to join is message me (PurplePetrol13) on Xbox about 10 minutes before we are due to start and I will get you invited to the game and the party chat.

The races are run as a monthly championship, this means we will be sticking with the same cars for a month, so for all 4 weekends in December we will be racing with the same car which will then change for the January championship.

The monthly championship leader board and results from previous championships can be viewed here:

This Month's Car Choice

This month we are going to be using the 2009 Honda S2000 CR. As always these will be completely stock although any tuning is fine. We had some brilliant close racing in the Corsas so wanted to stick with a similar class of car but switch it up by changing from a front wheel drive hatchback to a rear wheel drive sportscar.

This Month's Track Choices

We are going to start the new championship with a classic and personal favourite of mine, the Bamburgh Coast Circuit. A preliminary track list is below for this month although this is subject to change based on suggestions from those racing this Saturday.

1. Bamburgh Coast Circuit (5/12/20)

2. Princes Street Gardens (12/12/20)

3. Greendale Foothills Scramble (19/12/20)

4. Astmoor Heritage Circuit (26/12/20)

Hope to see you in the race this Saturday!

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  • Seriously,


    But I’ve just seen your post so I’m dead

      1 month ago
    • The S2000 is great! I promise we’ll take something with a bit more power near the top of A class next month. I haven’t done a single practice lap either but NighFury probably has.....

        1 month ago
  • Can we modify our car? Also, what time is this pacific time? Thanks

      1 month ago