DriveTribe Red Bull Racing 2018 concept livery - the winner is revealed

1y ago


As you will know if you're a regular reader, we've been running an F1 concept livery series over the off season.

We've already brought you Mercedes and Ferrari, and this week it was the turn of Red Bull Racing.

On Monday we brought you seven initial concepts from our designer Sean Bull, and you all got voting for your favourite.

And today, we can bring you Sean's full livery based on the winning design. And in Sean's own words, "it looks mental!"

It is inspired by the Aston Martin Vantage GTE racing car, given that Red Bull and Aston have a technical and commercial tie-up.

Looks great on the GTE car, but what about an F1 charger?

And here is the F1 equivalent - what do you think?


This would be a major departure for Red Bull

Imagine that thing thundering around the track

In the words of the designer, it's "mental

From the top, people

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