DriveTribeFM: Rich Text Radio Morning Show (18Sept20)

First Cars and the 'Backyard Drivers Education Courses'

39w ago

DriveTribeFM Presents: The Rich Text Radio Show

Starring your hosts:

DJ Ravi

Master Pilot, Arnold Tarmac

Master of Navigation, Ralphi - AKA Thunderbread

“Welcome back, this is DriveTribeFM - The Rich Text Radio morning show. Arnold Tarmac on the left here, Ralphi, AKA Thunderbread to the right. Fellas, we have an email here from “Tanner in Portis”. He is wanting to know,

‘Which car was your first car that you’ve ever driven?’ I believe this guy’s English is his second language - "

Thunderbread: Not at all, is that what the letter says?

DJ Ravi: Yea, look -

Tarmac: I have to think back a bit. ‘My first car I ever drove?’ Man, alright - my FIRST car was a Honda.

DJ Ravi: Haha, really, Tarmac?

Thunderbread: I’m shocked, A.T. Wow, well, my first ride was a Volvo.

Dj Ravi + Tarmac: Applause and laughter

Thunderbread: Hey, it was one of those sitting on pillows to reach the pedals type of car.

DJ Ravi: Were you two just driving around the estate or did you actually touch the roadway?

Tarmac: No, I didn’t

Thunderbread: Absolutely not. It was the side yards and pastures for us

DJ Ravi: This is classic, guys

Tarmac: We use to have this back lot full of trees and sand EVERYWHERE! So, when it rained, the sand would become this tacky substance, and we would actually ‘rally-rally’ around this lot. Like, back when rally was group B famed. The vehicles were barely running but the thrill of it - being behind the wheel and barely peaking forty five miles per hour on the backend sections, THAT is what we loved. All the while, we had this underground driving lesson course in the mix of close friends and a setting that hid everything that we did. I loved it, and it paid off.

Thunderbread: A.T. you’re lucky, man. Our estate was wide open, which meant, everything we did was conservative. Cruising around the yard in mellow fashion. Almost like parade style. The cars never saw the road, but we did have room to drag race along the side yards. The neighbors hated that. The amount of damage we made to the grass and the fencing that skipped in between our property lines was a mess.

DJ Ravi: How often did these rally events take place for you both?

Thunderbread: Almost every afternoon, really - (Tarmac: Saving up the lunch money we received for the week to buy gasoline, it was down to a science. The only issue was - (Back to Thunderbread: Fixing the cars when they broke down))

Tarmac: Exactly.

DJ Ravi: Could you imagine, hosting an event like this - I mean, Tarmac, you have a LOT of room at your pad for an event like it. Bring in four-wheelers and dune buggies?

Thunderbread: Haha, yea - one problem, Ravi. “MRS.” Tarmac, the Queen of the Compound

Tarmac: She’s cool, but something like that, I seriously doubt she would let me host a fleet of ATV vehicles for a day of ‘rally’ events.

DJ Ravi: How much do you think it would be to flat out purchase an estate for something like this?

Thunderbread: I’M ON IT!

Tarmac: What about you, Ravi? What’s your story?

DJ Ravi: Hah, I drove a bus. Haha, If you didn’t know, my family is involved in the commercial shuttle business and my father had me wash the vehicles and keep the fleet clean, so, when you had to move and wash them, I was the kid doing that. It wasn’t until about the age of nine or ten - once the growth spurt kicked in and I could reach the pedals with a bend in the knees, I passed the audition with that, “don’t ask for permission, ask for forgiveness” mindstate.

Thunderbread: A property close to us with six acres is open for $125. About an hour away, another location has fifteen acres for $98. You know, the further you go away, the larger the lots and whatnot.

Tarmac: You know, it would be cheaper, and better for the community to easily, buy-out an arcade with the racetrack in the back for an entire afternoon. And we could do that at a supreme fraction at the total cost of purchasing a FULL property.

DJ Ravi: Now, that would be an idea! Hosting it for the post-summer, pre-autumn time? what do you think, Thunderbread?

Thunderbread: I *Bleep* LOVE the arcade!

DJ Ravi: You heard it hear first, ladies and gentlemen. the Trio will be hosting a track / arcade day in a town nearest you soon. Until then, stay tuned to DriveTribeFM’s favorite morning show: Rich Text Radio, with master pilot Arnold Tarmac, Master Navigator Ralphi, AKA Thunderbread, I am your host, DJ Ravi. We’ll be right back after these words from our sponsors.

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