DriveTribeFM: Rich Text Radio (part 2: The WRC Rally Simulator)

This is Part 2 of Ralphi and Tarmac's Experience with the WRC Simulator

35w ago

The Rally Simulator Experience

DJ Ravi: So, guys - tell us your thoughts after driving inside of the WRC Rally Simulation Experience.

Tarmac: Hahaha, well, where do we begin? hahaha

Ralphi: Yea, I mean, this game is THE ultimate driving experience regards to actual rally simulation arcade play.

Tarmac: The graphics, the feel, the touch, the way we navigate and have to REALLY control the vehicle through its drifts, the wobbles, the spins, the ease of the slide. It’s an art - REALLY - it is!

Ralphi: Like, the slides are SO REAL, the car will tip over and roll you barrel style if you nudge your car over a dip or sudden drop in elevation while sprinting over 100 miles per hour. It is so lifelike it’s scary because you’re feeling everything that the car feels as if you’re inside of it in real life -

Tarmac: Alright, I started off in the driver’s seat first - (Ralphi: He won the coin toss to sit in seat A) - That’s right, and don’t you forget it, hahaha. We start out on the grid and the flag drops and we take off.

Ralphi: I am seated in seat B, which means, as Tarmac is starting to drive, my duties are to steer my steering wheel in the correct directions as they ticked down my side of the screen, and if I fumble or miss a direction, the screen on [Tarmac’s] side -

Tarmac: Completely shifts the landscape into a new aspect of terrain - simulating a misread or incorrect path trajectory from [Ralphi’s] notes. SOOOO lifelike, guys -

Ralphi: It really is, but I held it tight, until the section of part 1 was complete, and then we switch, immediately picking up where Tarmac left off so I can begin to drive and HE has to navigate, which was absolutely DREADFUL!

Tarmac: Look, it took me a few moments to get a grip on making the navigation controls work for us, I will admit. But you ran a descent run for part 2 of the rally sprint, Ralphi -

Ralphi: Yea, after about a quarter of the way through. My section of the rally was open dirt road, with jumps and turns, all I did was hold on, hold my drifting lines, and kept the car from rolling over from jumping over dips and cut-outs in the terrain.

Tarmac: I have to say, when you work together in this game, you have to really WORK in order to compete and complete these levels. Racing the clock, competing against the scrolling directions that fuels the progression so Ralphi can drive? I have never played anything like this in my life, from a 2 player format of competition.

Ralphi: We completed part 2 with myself behind the wheel, and we switched drivers for the last leg of the rally stage. Mind you, we are driving along projected paths and simulated courses, so, each turn you take could last close to six minutes, like mine did.

Tarmac: Yea, he’s right. I drove the most on this round, but you have the option to rotate the positions in between seats if you wish. I would say we were in the conference room for almost three hours, guys. For real. It’s THAT level of fun -

DJ Ravi: Well, if you’re on the market for an ultimate rally experience that you can play and practice on anytime you wish, you can join the waiting list along with the other 145,000 potential buyers who are seeking to play inside of this simulation.

Tarmac: 145,000 people are waiting on this thing?

Ralphi: How much does this simulation cost, Ravi?

DJ Ravi: Uh… I was not given that information, but, most racing simulations that I have seen run anywhere from five to twenty-five, so, only the truly invested and lucky enough to purchase these sims are really fortunate.

Tarmac and Ralphi: Well, sign me up! (hahaha)

DJ Ravi: Well, guys, I am glad that you two got your first taste at the WRC simulation experience. We will be right back after a word from our sponsors and the team over at Drivetribe.

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