DriveTribeFM: Rich Text Radio (Part 1: The WRC Rally Simulator)

The Trio receives a new racing simulator to test out and play with

36w ago

DTFM: The WRC Rally Simulator (part 1)

DJ Ravi: Alright guys, I have a very special guest in the studio for us this morning. Do you recall the rally driver who came in for the interview last year who was developing a top secret product for the rally market?

Tarmac / Ralphi: (Yeah) (Yes I remember him.)

Well, after a quick email back and forth, I have something here that you two are going to love. We have to move, though. It’s not here in the studio but it’s close.

Alright, close your eyes:

(The staff blindfolds both Tarmac and Ralphi and the trio begins their walk outside of the studio into the large conference room)

Introducing - The WRC Rally Simulator. This full sized, 900 pound videogame simulator represents the full brunt of what driving in a rally is like - from the interior-focused aspect of the rally. You and your co-pilot must alternate back and forth from driver to navigator, while collecting time credits to continue on the rally, avoiding the hurdles that comes with racing against terrain, time, weather, breakdowns, and all natural matters of the wild.

Seat A starts off the rally as the driver, and Seat B must use the steering wheel to correctly select the turns and routes needed for the driver to continue driving along the rally. If the Navigator misses an icon, keeping pace with the instructions on the screen in order to know where to go, the driver falls victim to a wrong turn, a mistake in terrain, height needed through a miscalculated dip, hump, or random blemish along the route, or roadway. If both driver and navigator cannot work together as a rally unit, your rally adventure vehicle slowly destroys itself and the rally is over.

This is the ultimate example of elite level rally racing simulation. Features behind each steering wheel includes:

Team tire changes

Seat A operations in sync to Seat B instructions

Motion sensitive handles for real-life twists and twitches

Gear shifts and Transmission operations

and much more!!

DJ Ravi: So, you guys ready to test this thing out?

To Be Continued…..

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