- Ost brings science and philosophy to the world of cars

DriveTriber Ost Neer publishes book, inspired by Clarkson and a life in science

One of the best things about working at DriveTribe is when you see one of our community use their profile or postings to build their career and vocation.

Whether it's photography, journalism or film-making there is an extraordinary range of talent on the platform, with many using DriveTribe as an online portfolio to house their work and build a following.

At last year’s 2018 London Motor Show we championed a number of Tribey’s that have developed their careers using the platform. Kyle Forster is one such example, who after posting articles and videos about aerodynamics and engineering, was offered a job by Mercedes F1, relocating from his native Australia to take up a dream role in the UK.

Keeping on the theme of F1, designer Sean Bull used DT as a place to showcase his bespoke range of car livery designs, which in turn led to an offer by Renault F1 to join their design team.

One of the latest such accomplishments is Ost Neer, an Assistant Social Sciences Professor at Lazaski University in Poland who has used his collective series of articles on DriveTribe to publish his first consumer-focused book – An Introduction to Academic Driving: Stories of Cars and Science.

With tips on how to be an automotive journalist alongside diverse theories, trivia and jokes, Ost’s book provides a thought provoking and intellectual analysis of cars and transportation, seen through the lens of philosophy, economics, sociology, physics and even astronomy.

Readers of Ost’s Tribe – Academic Driving - will know him as a humble, engaging and most of all entertaining story-teller. His stories are rooted in a unique mixture of science, his childhood growing up in post-Cold War Central Europe and the influence of a certain Mr Jeremy Clarkson.

While it tackles some occasionally intellectual topics, Academic Driving is accessible and easy to follow, providing inspiration and insights for budding scientists and everyday petrolheads alike.

The book, which he dedicates to DriveTribers, is also something of a Tribey collaboration, featuring illustrations by fellow DriveTriber and talented illustrator, Matt Parsons, as well as inspiration from a truly international mix of fellow Tribeys including: John Coleman, Patricia Pedrosa, Ben Koenig, Marcus Milligan and Aurelie Saboureau amongst others.

For more information and to download a copy of Ost’s book visit Amazon.

To read Ost's story on the background to his book, see his article How DriveTribe Revolutionized my life