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We're about to improve our profile page. We would love to hear what are your thoughts!

2y ago

Hi, my name is Eduardo, I’m a Senior Product Designer at DriveTribe. If you’ve been here for a while, you have probably already noticed how much we love making our product better and how hard we work to make sure our users are happy with their experience here.

At the moment we are looking at our profile page design to see how we could make it even better for all of us, and the very first thing we want to do is to know what our users think about it right now, and get an idea of how you think it could be improved.

To help us out, please finish this very quick survey (it will only take around two minutes):

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Comments (13)

  • I like it as is, it's simple and gives all the information necessary. Sometimes it's better to leave things as they are, change doesn't always mean improvement. The only extra function I'd like would be to be able to choose to see where people I follow have commented across the site.

      2 years ago
  • Right now, to follow someone is a bit useless in my opinion. I think to give it a sense, we should have the opportunity to look at all the latest activities of the people we follow, next to discover feed and my feed...😉 That's what I thought...

      2 years ago
    • Thanks for your feedback, Simon! Anything specific you would like to see from people you follow on your My Feed? Comments? Bumps? Something elsse?

        2 years ago
  • I honestly would like a feed with the posts of all the people I follow instead of the tribe posts, Or why not a separate feed?

      2 years ago
  • The new format don't suggest much views anymore 1 point, the take off from ambos back to the team is understandable but also confusing 2, the chat button is away and I am tired of searching the name of the tribe 3, and very often I cannot add in my own tribe from the app because it dont shows it so all together I am not much anymore here.🤪😳But there are many new younger people they will not complain.

      2 years ago
    • Hi, Jul!

      Thanks for your feedback. Could you please explain what you mean by "I cannot add in my own tribe from the app because it dont shows"? I'm not sure I understand you entirely. Do you mean when you repost or post? Or something else?

        2 years ago
    • No I mean that I need to scroll trough my many tribes and very often I cannot find my own tribe in them 😢that's totally strange but maybe it's because of the newest Android 9.0

        2 years ago
  • I am really proud of my profile!

      2 years ago