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D​rivetribe's latest and greatest car brand is here!

S​ay hello to Alantakun!

W​e are a premium brand who aim to make cars less ugly. Alantakun translates as Spider in Yoruba meaning our trim levels will be names of spiders the lowest being "house spider", ascending to the "tarantula" for M-Sport rivalling models and the full fat "Black Widow" performance edition for each and every model. We focus on driver enjoyment so on all our cars the option to remove select or all electronic aids will be available. Our first model, the "OEA" will be a saloon and is to be unveiled at some point in the near (or far) future and starts at £39,950 for the House Spider Model, the Tarantula model will start from £54,870 and the Black Widow model from £89,340. Stats will be launched promptly. Any partnerships would be welcome as long as they aren't associated with Casio (we can make exceptions with enough money or if Casio becomes more dignified). Update: We are currently partnered with Catalunya and are partnered Sokol forming CAS auto group. Partnerships will not be offered anymore but we can offer takeovers to smaller companies to provide financial security and enhanced development of technology.

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