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DriveTribe's Most Anticipated W Series 2021 Moments

The second season of W Series is about to begin - and we can't wait.

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W Series is set to kick off this weekend in Austria for the first time since 2019. And as Inside Formula 2 writer Hannah Prydderch said to me recently, it's definitely going to have been worth the wait: "Personally, W Series’ return could not have come a moment too soon. Its absence from the racing calendar was keenly felt, although understandable given the circumstances. Yet its year-long break has provided a perfect opportunity for the championship to finally be given its moment in the spotlight and the attention it rightfully deserves on the Formula 1 support series calendar."

For those of you who don't know what W Series is, please find this helpful article by yours truly in the link below. So a few of us here at DriveTribe sat down, made a cup of tea and had a good think about what we're all most looking forward to seeing in W Series this year. Here's what we came up with...

"I think I'd have to say I'm looking forward to seeing whether Jamie Chadwick can win the Championship again and also how W Series is a support race for F1. So I'm excited to see it getting more publicity and to be taken more seriously."

Ellie-May Taylor

Thiemo Albers-Daly:

After such a long absence, I cannot wait to see W Series get back into full swing this weekend. It's going to be fascinating to see how all the drivers do in this opening round. There's at least five title contenders straight away from last season in Chadwick, Visser, Powell, Kimiläinen and Garcia, so it will be awesome to see them all racing out on track together. But then with the new faces of women such as Irina Sidorkova and Abbie Eaton, it just brings that extra level of unpredictability into the sport which we fans just love to see. I can't chuffing wait.

Hannah Prydderch:

Firstly, I’m looking forward to seeing the new and familiar faces on the grid this year. Naturally, all eyes are going to be on 2019 Champion Jamie Chadwick, and I’m intrigued to see if she can continue the strong run of form she had last time around. Although her Formula Regional European Championship campaign did not go to plan, she’ll be heading into the season with additional knowledge about the Tatuus-Alfa Romeo T-318 from last year. Hopefully, the momentum from her maiden Extreme E podium will give her the confidence to show once more why she is tipped to one day reach F1.

Beitske Visser is another exciting prospect after taking the title challenge down to the final race at Brands Hatch in 2019. I’d also keep an eye out on Emma Kimiläinen, who was rapid in the final two races and finished fifth overall. Had she competed in Rounds 2 and 3, she could have been in with a shot at success.

Of the newer faces on the grid, I’d tip Abbie Eaton and Irina Sidorkova to have strong rookie campaigns. Abbie has had great success in GT and Supercars in recent years, so I’m curious about how she’ll manage the transition in single-seaters. Meanwhile, Irina lines up as the youngest driver on the grid and will want to prove herself after finishing 22nd in the F3 Asian Championship earlier this year.

Lastly, you’ve got to hand it to W Series as they have got the most exciting calendar of all the F1 support series this year. Silverstone and Spa may be familiar circuits for some on the grid but provide ample opportunities for on-track action. Capping off the season with back-to-back races in the United States and Mexico looks to be the perfect way to end the year and I for one cannot wait for the season to get underway in Austria.

"I've never really watched W Series before and I plan to follow it properly this year! It should be fun! It's great to see it being on the big stage and I'm looking forward to the racing."

Kiran Ganesh

Robert Percy:

One of the things I'm most looking forward to is seeing if Jamie Chadwick will come out on top again. If she does, she'll be on a total of 26 Super Licence Points. That'll mean she'll be allowed to do free practice and testing with Williams next year, which will be absolutely fantastic for F1. It would be the first time that there'd be a female driver during race weekends since Susie Wolff had her role at the same team a few years back.

W Series really seems to be Jamie's success vehicle much like the British GT Championship was in previous years. So I'm expecting great things from her as the season goes on.

I personally think Beitske Visser is a massively underrated driver, so I'm hoping she gives Jamie a good battle for the top of the Championship this year. I'd love to see her and Jamie trading wins back and forth right up until the very last race of the season.

I think Sabré Cook could potentially upset things a little bit. She seems to be improving all the time as a driver wherever she's racing, so I wouldn't be surprised if she ends up doing pretty well this year. If she managed to get a win at least once, that would be fantastic for her!

Jesse Billington:

As W Series lines up for its second season, I for one cannot wait to watch returning talent meet new faces in the tournament. It's something that will surely heat up the competition! As more and more young women make it into the lower tiers of motorsport, the importance of W Series as a stepping stone and a place to showcase their marginalized talent means more than it ever has before.

Paloma Labossiere :

It’ll be my first time watching W series, so I’m most looking forward to watching the races for the first time! I’ve been watching clips from the 2019 season, and I’m excited to see Jamie Chadwick defend her championship. Chadwick and Beitske Visser will be the ones to watch as the season goes on. I’m also keeping an eye on Marta García, Miki Koyama and especially Sabré Cook since we’re both from the USA. With F1 partnering with W series, I hope it’ll bring the drivers more opportunities to break into the F1 grid and in motorsport in general.

If all of the above doesn't get you pumped up and sweating with anticipation then I don't know what will! But if that is the case (or you want more W Series content before the weekend) check out and join the W Series Tribe right here on DriveTribe and check out the brand new W Series documentary series, Driven, which you can find out about in the link below:

In the meantime, let us all know what you're most looking forward to seeing in the new season of W Series in the comments below.

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  • Thanks to and for your contributions!

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  • I think the step up to supporting F1 this season will bring some great benefits for all involved and the fact that they will be racing at some historic tracks (the first season was a bit of an add-on to DTM and the tracks were not as good as this season) will be great for drivers and fans - bring it on

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    • Agreed. It's going to get a lot more exposure this year which is awesome and will hopefully work wonders for the sport.

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