2018 was a massive year for the car industry, with many highlights and lowlights making up a cracking twelve months of juicy automotive pleasure.

2019 is set to take that standard and elevate things up a notch, pushing the standards of what we know a car is capable of, be it F1-engined hypercars or simply extending the range of an electric SUV.

We've consulted James May's mystic motoring ball of truth and have come up with a set of things we can see happening in 2019 to make it a vintage year. Here's what we think.

The Aston Martin Valkyrie will re-write history

A new generation of hypercars are in the works from the likes of Aston Martin, Mercedes and Koenigsegg, and it is the British that look to be ahead of the curve as it stands.

Deliveries of the Valkyrie are set for the end of 2019, meaning that it won't be long at all until we will see these F1-inspired spaceships on our roads.

The 6.5-litre naturally aspirated V12 that it'll use revs to 11,100rpm and produces 1000bhp, along with sounding like an F1 car from the early '90s. It'll be assisted by a hybrid system too which – coupled with its dramatic ground effect aerodynamics – could make the Valkyrie a true icon to see out this decade.

We'll finally get to see and drive a new Supra production car

We've seen the camouflaged pre-production concept, we've seen the makings of a GT racing car, but we've not yet been exposed to the clean, road-worthy new Supra (although it appears to have been leaked today). But after the most drawn-out reveal in all of automotive history, 2019 will be the year we sit our bottoms into the next generation of Toyota Supra.


Sharing the majority of its parts with the new BMW Z4 (which has been getting decent reviews already), the Supra will have all JDM fans on their knees at its straight-six, twin turbocharged amazingness. All we need now is a new 300ZX from Nissan and we're good to go.

The new BMW 1-Series will be divisive

Although it could be seen by many as the car's redeeming feature, the 1-Series is potentially soon to get rid of its rear-wheel driven setup. Instead, the new car will probably share underpinnings with the new Mini, shifting its drive to the front axle.

This will make the car cheaper to make and more predictable to drive (as well as increasing interior space) but the jury's out as to whether this switch will benefit the car against its competitors going forward. The M performance version will almost certainly use an xDrive four-wheel drive system but you never know, maybe BMW will nail its new layout.

Hyper hatches will become the norm

You may have noticed that Mercedes has recently launched the A35 AMG – a tuned-down version of its already manic hot hatch to have a car sitting directly alongside the Volkswagen Golf R.

That's because a scarily powerful new A45 is coming, with forecasters predicting a power output of around 400bhp. If that figure is true, it will become the highest output from a production 2.0-litre engine, eclipsing the specific output of even the McLaren Senna.

The likes of Volkswagen, BMW and Audi will want to keep up with the Merc, so expect 400bhp to become the standard for the incoming crop of hyper hatchbacks in 2019.

Jaguar will move aggressively towards electrification

The I-Pace came along and took the entire German car industry by surprise, beating them by being the first genuine rival to Tesla to come to market with a premium EV. Off the back of the rather good electric SUV, we reckon Jaguar will set about hybridising most of its cars to ween us off its roaring supercharged V8.

The new XJ luxury saloon is already touted to be the next car to go fully electric and we can't see it being long before we have hybrids across the line-up, even to give the F-Type a bit of instant electric torque.

Manufacturers will (hopefully) flock to the new Le Mans regulations

2020 will see a new 'hypercar' class invade the Circuit de la Sarthe, meaning that 2019 will be the year for manufacturers and privateers to commit to the rules and develop new endurance machines.

Using a base chassis/tub, the cars will be designed and sculpted to resemble road-going hypercars, making the series much more attractive to us punters instead of the snore-fest that is LMP1. All we need is Ferrari, Porsche, Koenigsegg, Bugatti, Apollo, Lister and McLaren to join Aston Martin and SCG in the hypercar field and we'll have a mega era of endurance racing to get stuck into.

So there you have it, our top predictions for 2019. The scariest yet most exciting thing is that we won't have to wait that long to see whether our car-based prophecies come true, with the newsfeed on DriveTribe filling us in as and when the ball starts rolling on these stories next year.

We want to hear from you guys though, so drop down into the comments and tell us what you think is waiting for us all around the corner in 2019. Predicting a bunch of new SUVs is probably your safest bet but let's hear what you have to say!

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