Driving a 916 is a unique experience.
I've owned this beauty for over two years now, but every single time I drive it, I feel like I'm driving a 90's concept car more than a production ready vehicle...and that's exactly why I love her!
Might not be full of amazing tech, might not have the best torque or the smoothest ride, but every single time i look in the side mirror, and I see those wheel arches and those body lines... I feel like I'm driving a piece of Art, and that's the real essence of an old school Alfa Romeo.

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  • GTVs are something... Is it a Busso?

      6 days ago
    • Thanks for the comment! No, it's not a Busso, it's a first series 2.0 TS, 150hp. I think the TS model is a very balanced experience being the engine a lot lighter, also the maintenance costs are lower since this is my "weekend car".


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        6 days ago
    • Totally understand. I had a 147 TS with the basic engine and loved it. So light at the front snd the nose just dives into the corners at just a thought of it.

      I know the feel :)

        6 days ago