Driving an F-650 with a 26 foot box is one of the scariest things you can do

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I've gone cart racing, I've done triple digits, I've even buried a pickup to its axles while mudding, but no amount of training could prepare me for the task that was handed to me last night. I had to move a 2019 F-650 with a 26 foot box on the back. Within the past couple months I've gotten to drive some relatively large vehicles, but driving a 26 foot truck that is one pound away from being COMMERCIAL GRADE is a completely different story.

For starters, the engine. The 6.8-liter Triton V10 doesn't feel like it's actually moving this behemoth as much as it is trying to make it consider moving in a forward direction. 320 horsepower and 460 lb-ft of torque is most definitely not enough power, which is probably why this engine is going away in favor of Ford's new 7.3-liter V8. This is the F650's weakest characteristic, because having an engine that actually makes the truck move is kind of important.

The steering is incredibly light considering the fact that this vehicle could double as a tiny house. I had a general idea of where the wheels were pointed, and the steering wheel itself is about as big as one of the tires, and equally as thick.

Driving dynamics? Were there any? I couldn't tell, my heart spent the duration of this journey matching the idle speed of the V10, and the only thing I remember is the amount of time between the bumps in the road, because of the distance between each axle. You also lose all sense of perception in this thing. The driver's seat is eight feet in the air and the whole thing is roughly the size of two Cadillac Coupe De Villes. Every input takes time to create an output, it's almost as if the truck itself is sentient and deciding if it wants to do what you're asking it to.

The Takeaway

In short, these things should definitely not be allowed to be driven by any simpleton who can't get through a supermarket parking lot without hitting something. That being said, I'm glad I had the chance to drive it, but I'm definitely not going to be sprinting to the key rack the next time I encounter one of these things.

What do you think of the F-650? Would you trust yourself to hop in and drive this thing without getting into trouble? Comment Below!

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  • Kyle, This F650 sounds like a dream compared to the 26-28 foot vans I have driven. I too, have done carting, triple digits, and buried a 1953 Buick Super four door in sand up to the axles when I let my girlfriend, now wife, drive my dad's car on a backroad near Lake Michigan. None of the trucks had, a) air conditioning, b) power steering, c) automatic transmission, d) air brakes, e) radio, f) cup holders, g)bucket seats with air suspension, h) non glare rear view mirrors, but I wasn't even 25 yet so what did I know. Some didn't even have a heater. I loved those little brutes, so I took a trial in an 18 wheeler for a while, then retired and shuttled cars and 28 foot trucks around the country for Enterprise Rental Cars. Today I had a great time LOL with you.

    3 days ago
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  • They need so much more torque and power!

    5 days ago
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