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Driving Diaries Ep.1- Money Money Money.

Aint it funny in a rich man's world

I have just passed my driver theory test with not so flying colours but a pass is a pass so I'll take it. So tomorrow morning I could drive off into the sunset ( with a qualified accompanying driver) right? Yeah not so much. I have one tiny minuscule little problem. I am flat broke, completely broke, my bank account couldn't even buy me a freddo right now I'm that broke so driving is off the cards. To fill up my time doing something I have decided to have a small(probably nonsensical) rant about the costs of driving. I hope you enjoy.

1. Insurance.

"Oh here we go again" I here you cry "Another 17 year old moaning about insurance". Yes, yes I am 17 and yes I am going to moan about insurance because it is absolutely ridiculous. Let me explain; I am from the Republic of Ireland and am very proud of that, I love my country on the most part except for one thing: How f**king stupid insurance is. I got quoted , on a 2007 1.2 ford fiesta worth 900€, €2,703.56. That is three times the value of the car, it's absurd. 2,700 euro for a 1.2 little s***box it's outrageous actually no its not outrageous its extortionate is what it is. When I come to power ( which I will) I'm bringing in state insurance similar to Australia's system because what we have here is ridiculous.

2. Lessons.

Right, I'm getting vexed now. Right now for the cost of learning to actually drive.Let's list how much this bit is going to cost shall we. First you need to pay 45€ for the theory test. Second another 35€ to pay to get the licence. Then its lessons, in Ireland you must do 12 mandatory driving lessons. these cost 35€ a go. That is 35x12 which is 420€ wait want to practice on your parents 1.9 SAAB 9-3 for three months? Try another 491€!

3.The car itself.

So, you like cars do you? Don't want to be stick driving a Fiesta, Polo or Punto? well time to try and rob a few places cos this bit gets expensive. Right. You're not stupid, getting insurance on a Subaru, Mitsubishi or the like is impossible. So you look at some vaguely interesting older cars? Don't. In Ireland trying to get insurance on any car that is more than 10 or 11 years old is impossible. No E46 316i for you my friend. After trawling through page after page of used car ads, scrolling through page after page of beat up Toyotas and horrifically modified Golf's you find the one. A 2008 Volvo S40 1.6 R design. It's an 11 year old Volvo surely It can't be that expensive right? I hate to say it but wrong again. A 2008 Volvo like the one I described is 3,500€ Three and a half Blood grand. So I cant buy an old car because I can't insure it and can't buy a newer one because it's stupidly expensive. Just can't win.

I Want it so badly.

I Want it so badly.

4.Running Costs.

Ok, lets imagine for a second you've done enough petty crime to fund your new car. You wake up in the morning ready to drive your new car to school to show all your friends. You put the key in the ignition, turn....nothing, you look longingly down at the fuel gauge and have your heart duely sink as, what homes into view is a needle firmly glued in "E". It is at this point you remember that while you may have robbed enough post offices and old ladies to pay for the car you forgot one minor detail: Said car needs Fuel and fuel does not grow on trees in the same way money does not grow on trees... Bus for you again my friend. Bus again for you.


Having totaled up everything and settling for that bloody little fiesta the final cost came to this:

4,591€- Before Fuel.

Aaaannnddd breath. Thank you for indulging me in my ramblings, If you found my minor mental break down entertaining please feel free to.

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Comments (3)

  • Congrats on passing the theory test Luke! Everything listed here is so true and trust me as a 19 year old I went through the same bloody thing. Insurance has to be expensive as 1 in 3 young drivers are likely to be involved in some sort of accident within the first year. By the second year it comes down massively, my insurance was more than halved, still expensive but much cheaper. Unfortunately, though expensive it's just how it is 🤷‍♀️

      1 year ago
  • Well done Luke!

      1 year ago
  • Well here's to getting your moneys worth out of your first car! Cheers Luke and congratulations on the pass!

      1 year ago