- The first idea was to cover the personal data on the license, but then my fantasy took the lead... maybe it's too much, but it's cool


20/10/2017 the day that completely changed my life, that day I became a real petrolhead, that day I passed my driving test

I can still remember that day

The exam was scheduled at 14:45, that morning at school was intense, I was struggling to match my thoughts about the exam and economics

I arrived at driving scool's office at 14:40, as I waited for the examiner to arrive I revised all the topics for the examiner questions with my mates, and I read all the encouraging messages from my family and firends, the best one I received was from my mum

“Drive like Vettel and hope you won’t find Verstappen, good luck” it really made me smile while I was panicking more and more

Here in Italy the driving test is made of 2 parts: parking manouvers and normal roads drive. In the first part you have to perform 3 basic manouvers: the “L parking”, “S Parking” and the 3 point turn. Then you have to answer 2 questions about the car, the engine fluids, the dashboard lights, vehicle documents and so on

​I was the third to start, between me and the car there were about 5 meters, but it felt I walked for kilomenters. I sat in the car, a Fiat 500 X

This is the car...I equally loved and hated it...but compared to the other School's car, a 500L, this was without doubt my favourite

I adjusted the seat, checked the mirrors, put the seatbelt on and I was ready, holding the steering wheel tight. I had my instructor on the front passenger seat, and the examiner was in the back seats

“Ok, so Miss Maiocchi, let’s start with the questions: talk about the tyres” said the examiner

Then I explained all the safety limits for the tyre wear, pressure, where to find the information about them and it was fine. Second question “engage the high beams”. As I touched the switch (maybe the previous driver didn't switch them off properly) the high beams were already on, I was a bit confused, but it was all right.

"Ok let’s start the manouvers" I did all three manouvers perfectly, but as I stepped out of the car and I resumed breathing. After all the candidates made the manouvers we entered into the second part of the exam


I still was the third one, so I jumped in a huge BMW X3 with the other candidates and the instructor’s wife, she was really funny, she made us laugh to calm down a bit, I remember the guy next to me shaking as it was his turn


I WAS ON AUTOPILOT, completely absorbed in my concentration, it could’ve explode a bomb next to me and I woudn’t have noticed it, so…again, seat, mirrors, seatbelt, ready to go…

First I had to drive in the town, thank god at that hour in that day, Codogno was really quiet, nobody wanted to cross the road on the zebras in low visibility places, nobody jumped in front of me suddenly, the perfect traffic conditions in that lovely town.

In the second part I had to drive on a two lane and two carriageway road, the SP 9, also called Via Emilia, the exam was about to finish, I was pretty proud of my drive, but then I had to enter on the Via Emilia, so...concentration, 2nd, 3rd, indicator, check the mirror, nobody, gently left, and there we are, than I was concentrating even more and I was thinking: "Well, now I have to accelerate, but I cant rush, oh no that Volkswagen is very slow, I have to make a perfect overtake" suddenly the examiner said “Lady!!! The indicator!”

I forgot to turn off the left indicator….in that moment…..panic but he didn’t tell me that my exam was over, so I took a deep breath and I drove on. After about 15 minutes, the examiner said: "Stop overthere in that pub’s parking"

I thought “don’t make a disaster right here, indicator, gently braking, 3rd, 2nd, clutch, stop, neutral, handbrake” I felt my heart beating really fast

I can still hear the instructor, saying “Well done Maiocchi, now sign this paper and turn around to get your driving license” inside me there was an explosion, but I had to keep my dignity only for a minute. I stepped out of the car, I opened the door of the BMW and then I could shout "YEEEEEEEESSSSS" (the passengers almost became deaf)


However this is a very special day, because this pink little plastic rectangle (the driving license) is one year old, for Italian Road Law, now I can drive every car, no more limits on the power!!! (POWER/WHEIGHT< 55KW)



My first and everyday car, I absolutely love it!!! Despite it's 13 years old, it's still really aggressive, maybe a bit lazy in progressions, it's really funny to drive, it feels even smaller than it is, under the bonnet it has a 1.4L diesel engine developping 68 hp and it has reached about 88.000 km. The only bad point is that you struggle to engage the reverse sometimes, you have to move the gear lever first into 2nd and then into reverse, or you have to put it in neutral and then into reverse. It didn't have major crashes, one day my mum braked on the ice and hit a police man, but nothing serious, only bodywork damage. I have to admit that the engine is unreliable, we changed the Injectors 2 times, the ECU one time and now it makes a wierd warning sound while starting the engine

from left to right, my 206 and my grandad 206


After my grandad died in 2011 we kept his car as a backup car. I drove it several times, one in particular was really heartfelt: the day I started school's exams, my car was at the workshop to refill the air-conditionning system, so I had to use my grandad's car. As I drove it that day I remembered when he used to drive me to school when I was a child, that day was a really important day for me and it felt like my grandad was driving me again to school. It felt like I could hear him saying "Fà la brava neh!!!". However let's go back to technical data: 1 year older than my car, same engine, the pedals are more sensible and the throttle response is far more quicker than mine's, it takes you over the speed limit and you don't notice it. It's reliable and it carried lots of heavy things in his boot or its roof, the strangest things were a bathtub and a wheelbarrow, can you imagine the people faces looking at it "Mummy look! there's a bathtub on that car" (BTW suspensions are really strong)


Ok this is an honorable mention, I didn't drive it on a road, it was on a track, but hey...now I can drive every car so...why not? (first I have to find the money to buy it)


As you saw in the previous days I posted some pictures of a gray Peugeot 2008...so it isn't a surprise...Damn, I could made a better effort, but nevermind...


Finally I can drive this giant with a 1.6L PureTech diesel engine, developping 120 hp, it's our family car and it's one year old

If you want to know further information about its story I leave you this link

I’m planning to do a technical review about the car, but first I have to drive it for longer, it isn’t the first time I drove it, because as I was a Learner I could drive every car with no restriction to practice my driving with a person with at least 10 years of driving experience, so I drove it 2 times, from my school in Codogno to my House in Somaglia. One day I almost killed the gearbox, because, as I was downshifting, I accidentaly engaged the second instead of the 4th, the car made a bounce I was literally scared, I thought I’d broke the gearbox, it had only 1 week of life.

This summer during our holiday trip a Danish man with a Volvo V60 pushed us into the guard rail on the A22 Modena-Brennero (it happened between Trento and Rovereto), my dad steered against the guard rail to avoid the crash, result: ONLY a scratched left side and a huge scare...I'm happy to tell this story because I CAN tell it, thanks to my dad's ability held the car straight after the contact, and thanks to ABS and ESP now I'm here...I forgot to make a post, maybe I'll make one as soon as I find some free time

My first driving task with the 2008 is to drive my family to the restaurant for my mum's birthday, tomorrow, I can't wait to unleash the power of the mighty 120 hp giant lion...hoping not to crash after 5 minutes


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  • I have my driving license for about 2 months now and am starting to finally get used to driving... It was interesting to see how you get your driving license in Italy. I hope you have fun now, I still gotta have a parent sitting next to me until I'm 18.

    2 months ago
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    • You will have great time behind the wheel, the first months are the most difficult but also the most interesting, you start to understand the car and ots behavior, you'll love...

      Read more
      2 months ago
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    • Yeah, I'm glad that we have a very nice car to drive... But at the same time I can't really see where the (compared with my driving school car, a Mokka X) enormous hood of our family car...

      Read more
      2 months ago
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  • Congrats! Happy birthday to your driving license! :D

    2 months ago
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