Driving on Foggy Roads in Winter

Here are a few tips for driving your SKODA in foggy conditions

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Winter is probably the most looked-forward to season in India. The blazing sun takes a break and the mercury chooses not to rise. It’s a pleasant, even happy time when winter woolies are taken out and the nip in the air puts a smile on everyone’s face.

As you know, most of India does not experience snowfall but there is one challenge that winter presents to drivers: Fog. Driving your SKODA in these conditions can be a task as visibility is reduced drastically. Here are a few tips for driving your SKODA in foggy conditions.

Low Beam

The most common mistake made by drivers is setting their lights to high beam. The fog reflects the light back, affecting the driver’s vision. So, drive on low beam and if visibility falls to below 100 metres, switch on your SKODA’s excellent fog lamps.


Switch off the music and try and listen to the sound of traffic. Your ears are a good driving aid for your SKODA when the fog impairs your eyesight.

Clear Windows

Before you set off in your SKODA for a drive, make sure your windows and windshield have been cleaned. Nothing like being prepared, isn't it?


The condensation that is built up inside the SKODA can be cleared by switching the heater on. Keep yourself and your car warm! Also remember to use the demister.

Avoid Overtaking

Due to limited visibility, stick to your lane and avoiding overtaking during foggy conditions. You may be an excellent driver, but foggy conditions are not exactly conducive to fast driving.


Keep a distance of at least 5 meters between your SKODA and the car in front of you, to give yourself some space. Also, avoid stopping on the road and remember to use your indicators when switching lanes.


Check the weather forecast and if thick fog is expected, it may be a good decision to delay your trip. Why take a chance?

Happy Driving!

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