Driving the Cadillac CT6

A 404 twin turbo luxury experience

4y ago

“The CT6 is nothing less than an entirely new approach to premium luxury – and an approach only Cadillac can offer,” said Johan de Nysschen, president of Cadillac. “It is a bold endeavor with unmatched dynamism that reignites a passion for driving in large luxury vehicles. In short, it is prestige luxury reimagined.” Having driven the new CT6, I can say that Johan has not the slightest bit of exaggeration in his statement. Cadillac, who for decades was the American leader in the luxury car market, went by the wayside for some time. It was as if they lost the plot. The CT6 is their eureka moment.
Expense wasn't spared when the CT6 was on the design board. With 11 different materials used to make the body and structure of the car as light and as high-strength as can be achieved, the CT6 is an achievement when any success is hard to come by. Let no one be misunderstood, the luxury car market is a very competitive place and finding a niche is a long and hard wrought road. So for Cadillac to come out swinging with the CT6 is a bold statement that other manufacturers need to take note of. We certainly did after driving the car.
Once ensconced into the driver's seat of the CT6, you are at once surrounded by luxurious materials and technology Silicon Valley would be envious of. For instance, the rear view mirror isn't your average mirror. What it is, is a live and high definition video feed taken from a rear mounted camera. This allows you to have a 300 percent increase in viewing! As for where most of the work takes place, the center console is a large, 10.2-inch-diagonal CUE interface screen with 1280 x 720 HD resolution and console mounted touchpad.
The beating heart of the newest American luxury icon is a 3.0 liter V-6 engine that is twin turbo'd and pushes out 404 horsepower (this is Cadillac after all). Riding along on a magnetic ride suspension, the road is no match for the CT6. Active-on-demand all-wheel drive is part of the Active Chassis System that Cadillac has mastered. Its lightweight, compact design and two-gear transfer case enable greater fuel economy than conventional fixed-torque all-wheel drive systems. Best of all, all-wheel drive is standard on all CT6 six-cylinder models.
Cadillac has not so quietly punched the daylights out of the current luxury car market with the CT6 and is taking the streets back.

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