Drop what you're doing! There's a "new" Lada Niva

изумительный! (Google tells me this is Russian for 'magnificent')

1y ago

The Lada Niva was originally introduced in 1977 in Russia and it has been produced ever since with no significant mechanical or design changes. But why would you change it? This is designed to be serviced and repaired with a piece of string and some glue, and it was built to take on harsh terrain that makes crossing the Gobi desert a piece of cake.

Having said that, Lada has indeed introduced a facelifted Niva, Model Year 2020, and, as ever, if features minor aesthetic upgrades with new fog lamps and... well, that's about it. However, it does come with creature comforts to make life at the wheel more pleasant, for once. Under its Soviet hood, you'll find the same ol', super-reliable, 1.7 L naturally-aspirated petrol engine making 83 hp. The power is sent through all four wheels (permanent 4X4, by the way) via a 5-speed manual, with low range and locking diff. The top speed, not that it matters, is 88 mph and the even more irrelevant 0-60 is done in 17 seconds. And we couldn't care less honestly, because it can do that anywhere, on anything.

Inside, you'll find redesigned seats featuring a, and I'm quoting, "more reliable folding mechanism", a new climate control system and a new on-board computer (!!) and, you might want to sit down for this, cupholders.

I want one. Like, badly. Don't you?

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Comments (9)

  • I will want one, shame my wife didn't fit behind the wheel, and the 5 door Is toó long

      1 year ago
  • I drove one of the older ones through Tansania a few years back. Except for the back-breaking seats (they were. like the car itself, old and very well-used), it was a very reliable workhorse that mastered everything we threw at it, including a jump over a gulley. I don't know if I would need one here in Germany, but if you need a rugged offroader, here it is. :)

      1 year ago
    • yeah, in fact I read the press release and they actually made a point of making sure we understood that the seats have been redesigned. I'm assuming that's because they've been told they're back-breaking for the last 40 years

        1 year ago
  • Good old reliable and basic. Probably will be reasonably priced. Modern Russian stuff has come a long way. Like when Japanese vehicles first came out people rubbished them but look mow they are putting out some of the top vehicles around.

      1 year ago
    • Yup. I'd buy and use a Lada Niva as a daily, although I'm also sure I'd probably regret the decision within 3 or 4 days

        1 year ago
  • WANT!! 👍👍

      1 year ago