4y ago

Drove Dad's PC Cresta only once (I was only 12 when it left us), but the woofle from the straight six remains a strong memory today. Such a deep chested sound, and strong through the four on the floor, I sat in this thing for hours pretending to drive, doing impressions of Bo and Luke using the window for entry instead of the door. Vinyl seats were forgiving to footprints in those days.

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  • Think you are right, though never seen one, Victor 3300SL I think it may have been called. Saw a few FE Ventoras in my youth but again FDs posted missing though a few have wafted over ebay thru the years. FD was a better looker than FE in my view.

      4 years ago
  • i have always fancied that 3.3 straight six wrapped in coke-bottle Ventora (VictorFD) bodywork. Apparently you could get a Victor FD estate with the 3.3 straight six - now that would be one to get if there are any left that haven't turned to piles of rust or banger-raced !

      4 years ago