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DS Techeetah suspends employee for racist post on social media

The Chinese Formula E team has dismissed an employee for a racist post.

1y ago

DS Techeetah has released a statement regarding suspension of its FIA Formula E Championship employee over racist post on social media.

The statement from DS Techeetah came as a surprise on Saturday evening as the Chinese Formula E team dismissed one of its employees over a racist post on social media. The outfit, though, did not reveal details of what actually happened.

But upon looking on social media, it could be ascertained that one of the employees at DS Techeetah uploaded stories on their personal account, which many felt that it crossed the racist line. The issue then came to light when people started tagging the team.

This forced DS Techeetah to take a thorough look and eventually come to a decision to suspended the individual without naming the person. The statement stated: "The DS Techeetah Formula E team is an organisation committed to equality and diversity.

"The company’s staff represent 10 different nationalities. The team is Chinese-owned, led by an Australian team principal and fields racing drivers from Portugal and France. This season, the team will race in 12 different countries in the Middle East, Asia, Europe and the Americas.

"Given this international outlook, as well as the team’s success that has been founded on the talents, close collaboration and respect between many cultures and nationalities, the company holds a zero tolerance position for any expression of hate, bigotry or racism.

"Content recently posted on a private social media account is fundamentally inconsistent with these beliefs. The individual in question has been suspended from the race team." Considering the sensitivity, we are not going to name or upload the video as well.

Such cases are quite sensitive and once it starts to get viral, there is little choice for the company. It also happened recently with the Mercedes F1 team when the German manufacturer had to dismiss four and caution few others.

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  • Imagine working your way up to being in a formula E team. A feat most people dream off, only to blow it all up by being an idiot on social media. I say good riddance. Opens up a spot for someone who deserves it.

      1 year ago