DT designs a car: Announcing the new CKM Bayonet! (And another surprise)

You designed the Clutch Kick Motorsports Bayonet and now it will be revealed to you along with another surprise

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So about a week ago I posted the last poll of my DT designs a car series (I'm sorry that it didn't turn out how I had it in mind, I kinda ran out of ideas and, as usual, I just couldn't be bothered to do them anymore) and now I have a design to show you!

Announcing the new CKM Bayonet!

The all new Clutch Kick Motorsports Bayonet - "When beauty meets the beast"

The all new Clutch Kick Motorsports Bayonet - "When beauty meets the beast"

The CKM Bayonet is a super lightweight sports car focused around driving experience and track performance. This beauty was designed by the one and only Lukas Shepherd from Luferon and is powered by a twin-charged 2.3 liter I4 engine originally from a Renault Megane RS but heavily modified to suit the performance needs of the Bayonet. The Bayonet uses state of the art technology to improve performance, such as:

Fully adjustable active suspension which will help keep the car stable and provide stunning handling.

Aeroblade spoiler which pushes air through a vent in the car to provide downforce without needing a large spoiler.

Carbon fibre tub chassis, used in F1 because of it's lightness and rigidity, providing optimum performance and incredible safety.


A very wise girl who saw this car

Specs for the new CKM Bayonet:

Horsepower: 450hp (335kw)

Torque: 565Nm (416 ft lbs)

Weight: 638kg (1406lbs)

Engine: 2.3 liter (140.355cu in) Twin-charged I4

Transmission: 6-speed manual

Top speed: 268kph (166mph)

0-96kph (0-60mph): 2.4 seconds

230 Bayonets will be made, each of them tailored specifically around their owner.

Order yours today!

A special announcement from CKM

Clutch Kick Motorsports is proud to announce that they have formed a partnership with Luferon.

"As the youngest of the various car manufacturers on DT it is truly an honour to be working with Luferon, the biggest of them all"

Smokey Tires

Both CKM and Luferon are free to make they're own cars but they will also work together as a team.

CKM will be Luferon's lightweight sports car division, they're tuning division and will handle everything to do with motorsports.

The CKM engineers will work with Luferon on any future cars to try and make them as good as possible.

Luferon will handle all sales and marketing.

Thanks for reading!

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