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1y ago

Welcome! Welcome, all to the DriveTribe India creators Car of the Year polls. Unlike some elections the result in these polls are final, and the outcome sticks because we believe in the choices you make!

What we are about to present to you is a list of vehicles which have been freshly launched in India and are officially available for sale. They can be either brand new cars or facelifts released between December 2018 to November 2019.

Now to make it fair, we have divided the cars into various categories from hatchbacks to sportscars. Every day we will be publishing a fresh poll for you to vote on. And by the end of the year, we will have our winners!

Now let me introduce to you our real stars. The people who made this task possible.

Tejas Kokcha

Our overly enthusiastic DriveTriber has a keen eye for sports cars and football. This entire series is his brainchild. If you do not like anything about these polls, feel free to complain to him. Just kidding!

Srijan Gupta

Mr Gupta has a fetish for Japanese anime and old bhangar cars. The latest Ferrari does not fascinate him. Get him and old 800, and he will be dancing around it like crazy.

Vishal Thinahar

Our very own engineer. He spends most of his time studying for his exams. But he claims he spends more time bugging Kiran about food. Vishal what are you doing here on DriveTribe?

Kiran Ganesh

Is DriveTribe's Ambassador for pretty much everything. He loves F1 and loves Paneer. If you want his friendship, just feed him Butter Paneer, and he is yours for a lifetime.

Akshay Kumar

Arre? His name is actually Akshay Kumar. How what why he was named that you can ask him directly, but he is our latest entry for the Indian creators so show him some love and vote on his article.

Yash Agarwal

His spirit is quite entrepreneurial that way. Leaving his job at Uber to write for DriveTribe Yash is genuinely trying to make his dreams comes true. Even though he hates being called a Marwari, the above example is a true embodiment of the spirit.

Rachit Shad Trehan

Which desi group is complete without a true red-blooded Punjabi? Well then here he is. A proper Delhiite Rachit is embedded into the Indian car scene like no other. He keeps an excel sheet of every car launched in India with all details! It was his list that helped us execute this in such a short period! SO show him some extra love Maska marke!

Now that you know us. The group who somehow has taken up the responsibility of entertaining you rather than educating you on cars request all of you to vote, and we start with India's most selling category The Hatchback!

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