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1y ago

You want a car big enough for weekend family vacations without compromising on the adrenaline rush of the journey? These are the best options in the Indian market today.

For a SUV to be considered in this category it has to be priced at between INR 50-80 Lakhs ( ~USD $70,000- $110,000) and have a power output between 240-250 HP.

With that in mind, the nominations for the "DT India car of the year: Executive Luxury SUV" are:

Land Rover Range Rover Evoque

Outside India, people wander through forests and valleys in their Range Rovers because of its industry defining off-road capabilities. In India, however, all you need to experience off-roading is to try and get from A to B in any city on any road. Range Rovers in India, off-roading 24x7.

Priced at INR 62 lakhs ( ~USD $87,000), the Evoque comes with a 2L HSE engine making 240 HP and 340 Nm of torque.

Pros: beacon of versatility (coupe, 5 door and convertible) , meridian audio system .

Cons: High cost of maintenance, limited boot space.

Jaguar F-pace Prestige

This Jaguar is the classiest way to show up whenever you please to go. The F-pace with its iconic headlights, the massive grill and the traditional Jaag design has caught the attention of the entire Indian market.

The F-pace is priced at INR 64 lakhs (USD $90,000) and for that price you get a 2L making 247 horses and 365 Nm of torque.

Pros: Versatility of the interiors with luxurious features, wide range of options for choosing interior and exterior features, advanced stability control features assure safe and pleasant experience of each drive.

Cons: The base model lags in luxury and comfort features, higher maintenance cost and the ownership.

BMW X4 xDrive

The BMW X4 combines practicality with sheer performance. Half 4 door saloon, half SUV this updated model with a re-engineered engine is a treat on the roads of India.

The BMW xDrive M Sport X is available for a price of INR 63.5 Lakhs ( ~USD $89,000) and comes with a 2L making 248 HP and 350 Nm of torque.

Pros: Better safety measures, better tuned transmission, more standard features.

Cons: The rear is hideous, no Android Auto, backseats are not spacious.

Audi Q7

The Audi Q7 is the epitome of comfort and quality. It is the most expensive option in this category and that is with very good reason. Industry defining cabin and superior ride quality are the two most defining characteristics of this ultimate family SUV.

With a starting price of INR 74 Lakhs (~USD $105,000) the base Q7 comes with a 2.0L Quattro making 252 HP and 370 Nm of torque.

Pros: Upscale interiors, high speed stability, feature-rich cabin.

Cons: Uninspiring handling, hefty vehicle weight.

It is time for you to decide the winner!

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Comments (7)

  • Evoque for me, that thing is a beast in all formats

      1 year ago
  • They are not in the same price range. Evoque isn't the executive class vehicle in the Land Rover stable, the Velar is. Similarly the X5 is the executive class vehicle and not the X4.

      1 year ago
  • In this segment, Range Rover Evoque is the undisputed king in terms of aesthetic appeal, design, sculpture. And Audi Q7 starts get dated. So Evoque is the clear winner.

      1 year ago
  • Are you ready to vote? @tribe

      1 year ago
  • BmwX3 should be in list

      1 year ago