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SUVs are the new kings of the Indian roads. Nearly every second Indian car buyer has an aspiration to buy an SUV. Car makers know this and are willing to offer Indian customers a huge variety of choices. From compact luxury SUVs to full sized terrain pummeling off-road machines. Now its your chance to vote for the best Entry-level luxury UV.

Mini Countryman Black Edition

'Minis are not Mini' - This is a phrase that you will listen from many Mini enthusiasts. But who wants Minis to be Mini when you can get a versatile SUV like the Countryman Black Edition from the BMW-owned company. Based on the range-topping Cooper S JCW Inspired variant, the Black edition was limited to just 24 units and has all the JCW touches.

The Mini Countryman Black edition costs Rs. 42.4 lakhs (59,500 USD).

S​koda Kodiaq

T​he Skoda Kodiaq has caught the eye of the Indian buyer. In this list the Kodiaq has two nominees, the Scout (Rs. 34lakh, 47,687 USD) and the Corporate edition (Rs. 33 lakh, 46,285 USD). With its comfy ride and off-road capability, the Kodiaq is the perfect fit for India.

T​oyota Fortuner TRD Celebratory Edition

'L​uxury' might not be the word that you would associate with the Fortuner with its angry looks, but the Fortuner is a very hi-end car. So what's new in this Celebratry edition? There is a TRD badge on the grille and there's a new bumper with faux skid plate. Most of the rear is unchanged apart from the new design of the bumper.

T​he Fortuner TRD Celebratory Edition costs Rs. 33.85 lakh (47,477 USD).

Ford Endeavour (Facelift)

The Endeavour has had a pretty successful stint in India since it was refreshed. Indians have loved its capabilitities and many regard it as the perfect car for India.

The Ford Endaveour costs Rs 28.19 - 32.97 Lakh (39,834-46,631 USD)

Tata Harrier

Ahh... Tata seems to get its Indian car industry groove. The Harrier has been a step towards a very bright future by Tata. If they carry on like this, then the upcoming future looks quite pleasing.

The Tata Harrier costs between Rs. 12.69-16.76 lakhs (17,873-23,605 USD)

Tata Hexa

Another Tata on the list is the Hexa. The Hexa is Tata's effort to dethrone the Toyota Innova and it has succeeded to some extent in this task.

The Hexa costs between Rs. 12.99-18.37 lakhs (18,296-25,874 USD).

Toyota Innova Crysta

Talking about the Toyota Innova, here is the Innova. The Innova is now better than ever and still retains its crown of being India's number one MPV. It has been the king and at this rate of growth, it will be the king for a long time to come.

The Innova costs between Rs. 14.93-23.47 lakhs (21,020-33,044 USD)

Jeep Compass (Trailhawk/Sport Plus)

Jeep has started its life in India very nicely. The Compass has given the American company a brilliant start in the Indian subcontinent. Now it has also given us the Sport Plus and Trailhawk version.

The Jeep Compass Trailhawk costs Rs. 26.8 lakhs (37,737 USD). The Jeep Compass Sport Plus costs Rs. 16.99 lakhs (23,936 USD).

Isuzu D-Max V-Cross

Is it V-Cross D-Max or D-Max V-Cross? It doesn't matter because for a car this well-rounded, a name is just a formality. The V-Cross is a brilliant car, this could be the perfect car for India.

The Isuzu D-Max V-Cross costs between Rs. 15.51-19.99 lakhs (21,820-28,140 USD)

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Comments (11)

  • Endeavour is a beast of offroad SUV. The most capable SUV Off the road due to it's colossal 470nm torque. And That's why Endy deserves My vote.

      1 year ago
  • Isuzu is actually quite nice and not even very expensive. The only thing I've against it is the lack of quality interiors. Nonetheless, it is indeed my choice after the Endeavour.

      1 year ago
  • Ford Endeavor FTW. All the off-road bois will agree!

      1 year ago
  • Really liked the Harrier.

      1 year ago
    • Loved it, it was something unexpected from Tata, like one of my friends was in shock when he saw one

        1 year ago
  • It should be the Endeavor , being based on the Ranger chassis , having a powerful Inline-5 engine and the high ride height makes it the perfect off-road SUV and then you can put up those Ranger based front grills to look cooler.

      1 year ago