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DT India's Car of the Year: Vote for your favourite Compact SUV/MPV

What was the best 1-8 Lakhs SUV/MPV released in India this year?

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We now come to the big part of the car market, literally. SUVs are flooding out from every company and there were lots released in India in 2019. There is a huge chance that the Car of the Year will be an SUV. Let's look at the compact SUVs first, priced lower than Rs. 8 Lakhs.

Datsun GO+ CVT

Datsun has really struggled in India. None of their models have sold well, simply because there were better alternatives with better overall quality. Now though, they've launched a CVT version of their MPV, the GO+. This may change things, as it is really affordable and has options like Vehicle Dynamic Control on the top model, and ABS, EBD and airbags as standard. Might make a perfect car for a middle-class Indian family trying to buy an MPV.

Not a looker, but would you really care if you had an affordable 7-seater?

Not a looker, but would you really care if you had an affordable 7-seater?

You could buy the CVT for ₹6.58 Lakhs (USD $9265).

Tata Nexon Kraz

The limited edition of Tata's compact SUV has a few tweaks from the standard Nexon. It has a dual tone exterior with a silver roof. A few parts have orange (alright, Tangerine) on them for it to look like a limited edition. As for the engine, it's the same 110 hp engine as the standard car. It is actually the second launch of the Kraz, after they did a lime-green version of it last year. This is to celebrate the sales of 1 lakh Tata Nexons across the country.

Some KRAZy looks, as Tata themselves say. No comments...

Some KRAZy looks, as Tata themselves say. No comments...

The Nexon Kraz costs between ₹7.58-9.18 Lakh (USD $10673-12926).

Renault Triber

This is some heavy competition from Renault. The Triber is priced well, has seven seats and gives 20 kmpl of mileage. The top version, the RxZ has a touchscreen infotainment with Bluetooth pairing, and USB and AUX inputs. It also has rear AC vents (HOW IMPORTANT IS THAT IN INDIA!) and all the features you would expect for the price.

One word, sensible.

One word, sensible.

It is priced at a very affordable ₹4.95-6.49 Lakh (USD $6970-9138).

Hyundai Venue

Out of the four, the Hyundai Venue has been the best-selling one so far. The Kappa S, the second cheapest version has a lovely interior with an infotainment system, electric mirrors, Bluetooth, ABS and 2 airbags. The Venue has been selling at an amazing average of around 9000 units per month. Hyundai has hit the market perfectly.

It even looks good!

It even looks good!

It is priced at ₹6.5-11.1 Lakh (USD $9152-15629).

Which one of these four will you put at the top? Vote below:

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