DTFM: Rich Text Radio Morning Show (02Sept.20)

The Trio discusses plan for the LoA Rally and tries to purchase Thunderbread's Grandfather's 1975 Citroen

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<Female sensual voice> “You’re listening to Rich Text Radio, only on DriveTribe FM, with your host, DJ Ravi”

DJ Ravi: Welcome back drivers and tribers - you are tuned in to DriveTribe’s number one radio show in the morning and I am blessed, superiorly blessed to have with me under our present circumstances in the studio this morning, Mr. Arnold Tarmac and Mr. Ralphi, AKA, “ThunderBread”, my co-pilots of production. Fellas, we just had Big Jon from the Lap of America with us in the studio, tell me something, could you too really do something of this caliper? Driving an ENTIRE lap around the immediately connected United States of America?

Tarmac / ThunderBread: Yes, Absolutely / Hands down, yes. Easy.

Tarmac: I can tell you how we’d do it

DJ Ravi: Alright, share with us this plan of action

Tarmac: Thunderbread, does your Grandfather still own the Citroen estate?

Ralphie: Yeah, he does, original owner, the only driver of the thing. He rarely drives it now though -

Tarmac: That’s what we’ll drive - fill it to the brim with everything that we'll need - from mechanical to restroom supplies to ensure we never had to make any uneccessary stops. We get a 120 gallon fuel fuel cell, which would expand that wagons ass end to carry us at least six hundred miles on a single fill up. We coast the entire way, an elderly and conservative 80 mph average - maybe high nineties if we can manage it. And we do this, repeatedly, for every single leg of the rally. Leaving ON-TIME before the rest of the grid starts to muddy the waters with their convoy-ish antics and attention.

DJ Ravi: You know, that actually sounds legit, and you rotate drivers while you’re rolling - the front seat has that wide lounge interior, hahaha, you two could hold a fridge in there and still have plenty of room for a kitchen table -

Thunderbread: I don’t know, if we damaged his car he would never forgive me. That thing has been like a trophy on a mantle for him.

DJ Ravi: I bet he would sell it, if the price was right -

Tarmac: Call him up, Thunderbread, just to see if we could

Thunderbread: No way, guys, he would never part with ‘Geraldine’

DJ Ravi: Well do it for the show, just to see if Papa Loaf would consider it - You get him on the phone, and we’ll take a quick commercial break to pay these bills. You’re reading Rich Text Radio in the morning on DriveTribeFM.

{Song: “Brain Cycles” by Radio Moscow}

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Commercial end>

DJ Ravi: Alright, welcome, welcome back. Ladies and Gentlemen - This is the Rich Text Radio Morning Show, with your co-drivers and master pilots Arnold Tarmac (hello) and Mr. Ralphi AKA Thunderbread (What’s up, Tribers), I am your host, DJ Ravi, and we have special guest caller on the line with us, Papa Loaf, AKA, Grandfather Thunderbread, Hello, sir. How are doing? You’re on the air with DriveTribeFM -

Grandfather Thunderbread: Hello, Drivetribe. Everyone. Hey, uh, Ralphi, what’s going on? Are you okay?

Thunderbread: Yes, sir, Poppop - Look, we called you for some information. You know you’re CX, “Geraldine”?

Grandfather Thunderbread: Yes, she’s doing well, all except for the sensors, other than that, she’s purring like the day I first got her -

DJ Ravi: Hey, Grandpop Thunderbread, when did you buy ‘Geraldine’?

Grandfather Thunderbread: 1975, summertime.

Tarmac: Damn, so that’s what, fifty-five years old.

Thunderbread: Hey, Poppop, The fellas and I have an offer for you. We pulled together - Winking at DJ Ravi and Tarmac - about $17,000 to buy her from you, right now. What do you say?

Grandfather Thunderbread: *CLICK*

The Entire Studio: *(Laughter, Tears, hand claps and More Laughs)*

Thunderbread: Hahaha… I told you guys, he will not part with that car. I REALLY should have bet you on this one

Tarmac: Yes - that was hilarious….. I can’t believe he just hung up on us like that

DJ Ravi: Hey, Thunderbread, you’re Poppop is a dedicated soul, I am actually proud of him.

Thunderbread: I told you, ‘Hey Poppop, if you’re listening, I wouldn’t try to buy her from you, I know you love that car.

Tarmac: Hey Poppop, this is Tarmac, I *DO* want to buy that car, so, if you ever decide to sell it - or give it away - I’m your guy.

DJ Ravi: I wonder how much they went for back in ‘75….

Thunderbread: Checking right now…… any bets?

Tarmac: $1,000 says Poppop paid $3750 for it. Ravi?

DJ Ravi: Im going $4,800.

Thunderbread: Im calling $2,950.

DJ Ravi: While he looks that up, let’s - (Thunderbread: I got it -)

Tarmac: What’s our number?

Thunderbread: He texted, ‘6’, so, congrats, Ravi.

DJ Ravi: Yet again, another victory. Never gets old. But hey - this is the Rich Text Radio Morning Show, with your master pilots Arnold Tarmac and Mr. Ralphi AKA Thunderbread. Im your host, DJ Ravi, and we’ll be right back after these messages and these guys forking up $2,000 my way.

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