DTFM: Rich Text Radio Morning Show (10Sept.20)

The Trio talks with a Hot Wheels collector with a six figure collection

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DJ Ravi: This is DriveTribeFM, Rich Text Radio in the morning. Oh my goodness, what a morning we are having, ladies and gentlemen. If you’re just joining us, we just attempted (Thunderbread: And failed miserably) - Yes, and failed miserably, at trying to purchase Thunderbread’s Grandfathers (Tarmac: Poppop Loaf, haha) Citroen CX from 1975.

Tarmac: I am telling you, that car would be so perfect for lapping America.

Thunderbread: You know, this could be a World Record setting idea, too. Think about - (DJ Ravi: Ohhhhh goodness, here we go - ((Tarmac: hahahahahah, another idea)) ) - No really, hear me out. Let’s say, that we loaded the car with everything Tarmac envisions for the drive. And we have four drivers in FULL circulation for the entire 8,000 mile drive. Two teams, one drives, one scouts, the third and fourth rests and recharges. Then, next fuel stop, you switch roles and repeat. The car is always in motion and the teams are always refreshed, well, as much as you can in the backseat while in motion, and you complete the lap, in what, four days? Non-stop? What do you think?

Tarmac: Damn, Thunderbread - (DJ Ravi: Hold on, he could be onto something….) Yes, I know. That would be an amazing feat to pull off. Especially for us -

DJ Ravi: Who would fill the fourth slot, though?

Thunderbread: That wouldn’t be a problem, to scout someone would be easy. Like Tarmac said, though, the plan into and around the car for 8,000 miles would be the ultimate challenge.

Tarmac: Well, damn - challenge accepted! Sign me up -

DJ Ravi: Hold on, hold on, hold on, if you’re going to attempt this feat, its best to not try it here (wink wink).

Tarmac: That’s true. we can’t take off work for ten days away from the studio.

Thunderbread: Especially to go driving around the US. What were we thinking.

DJ Ravi: You two weren’t, which is why I am here. Let’s take a call, because the phone lines are lit ALL the way up - Caller, ‘Ted from Bristol’, you’re on the air with the Rich Text Radio crew, what’s up?

Ted from Bristol: Hey fellas! Thanks for taking my call (The Trio - Yea, (yea man) - no problem, Ted) So, uh, Tarmac! You’re on the market for a wagon?

Tarmac: I might be, what do you have?”

Ted from Bristol: You’re going to love this - a classic 1966 Ford Country Squire LTD.

Tarmac: Is this the wagon with the wood grain on the side of it?

Ted from Bristol: Yes, sir. That’s it! Its clean, only 35,000 miles on it. Original everything, except the roof rack mount that was added. But that can always be removed later.

Tarmac: Send us your photos, Ted

DJ Ravi: How much are you asking for this Ford Squire?

Ted from Bristol: Only 10. It’s been on display for the last few months trying to move it. I will definitely send photos.

Thunderbread: (are we still on this lapping America idea?)

Tarmac: It sure seems that way -

DJ Ravi: Alright, Ted, thanks for calling in - Roger from Hudson, you’re on with the Rich Text Radio Crew -

Roger from Hudson: Hey guys, so uh, I gotta question for you. I need your opinion on something. (Tarmac: what’s up, Roger?) Yea, so uh, I have a collection of about one hundred thousand, unopened, hot wheels cars -

Thunderbread: WHOAAAAA!!!!! (DJ Ravi: Wait a minute, Roger….) (Tarmac: 100,000 hot wheels, Roger?)

Roger from Hudson: Yes, I do. And I am being pressured to sell them, and its really destroying my relationship at home. What would you do, hold them or get rid of them?

DJ Ravi: Roger, tell me something, how long have you been collecting these cars? (Thunderbread and Tarmac: Yeah, how long?)

Roger from Hudson: About twelve years or so.

Tarmac: Roger, where are you holding these cars?

Roger from Hudson: They’re inside a make-shift addition within my basement. (Thunderbread: And you have these filed away in what way?) - Everything is carcoded and tagged by handheld scanner. They are filed according to theme first, make second, model third. I built towers that stand about six feet tall, and sliding against each other on rails called planks, which move along the roof and floor. You can also use a forklift to manually insert and shift side to side for quick recovery -

Thunderbread: How much do you estimate this collection? (Tarmac: With everything you’ve invested into this operation, I would have to give him an EASY thirty)

DJ Ravi: Yea, right. He has at least fifty into the cars alone, Mac. Not including these additions he’s made to his house to hold and store them all.

Tarmac: What did all of this cost, Roger?

Roger from Hudson: About sixty thousand, including the build and electronics and security -

Tarmac: SECURITY? (Thunderbread: Dude, you can’t sell these cars. Your home is basically a museum for Hot Wheel collectors, man)

DJ Ravi: Now, wait a minute, that’s an idea, Thunderbread. Hey, Roger, have you thought about doing something like that, offering a museum tour or having them on display that pays you from their presentation?

Roger from Hudson: Well, I started a YouTube channel explaining my journey of finding and acquiring them -

Thunderbread: ROGER! That’s what you need to do, man. Keep going with that showcase (Tarmac: How far have you gotten into this project of showcasing?)

Roger from Hudson: About a thousand or so videos -

DJ Ravi: A thousand, Roger? HAhahahaah, this guy has A LOT of work to do - in a great way!

Tarmac: Look, Roger - don’t sell your collection, keep posting and making your videos. Eventually, offer to sell the collection once you’ve made at least 10,000 videos - (Thunderbread: Hey Roger, How many videos do you make per week and how much is this collection worth - its actual appraised value?)

Roger from Hudson: I made about two videos per week, and its been estimated at about one-ten, if I keep the shelving for display intact in pristine condition.

DJ Ravi: I vote sell it. What do you guys think?

Tarmac: Keep it and make your videos, man. This could work out extremely well for you.

Thunderbread: Yea, I say keep this hustle going, man. Tarmac is correct. This could really reap benefits for you that we can’t see yet.

Roger from Hudson: Alright, I’ll keep them. Thanks, guys. Love the show! Keep it up!!

DJ Ravi: I can’t believe that, twelve years collecting Hot Wheels? DAMN, I wonder how old he was when he started this -

Thunderbread: Can you believe he’s acquired a toy collection worth six figures?

Tarmac: I am proud of the guy for the amount of discipline to NOT open the packs once he’s purchased them.

DJ Ravi: Yea, that’s true. Hey guys, we’re being waved for a commercial break. You’re listening to the Rich Text Radio Morning Show on DriveTribeFM, with your master pilots Mr. Arnold Tarmac and Mr. Ralphi AKA Thunderbread. I am your host, DJ Ravi, stay tuned and we’ll be right back after these words from our sponsors -


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